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Be a creative problem-solver and adaptable leader.

Are you a people person? Do you gravitate toward leadership roles? Management students are entrepreneurs, strategic planners, holistic thinkers and cross-departmental connectors.

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A Future in Management

A Future in Management

Isenberg’s management department simulates the real-world challenges you’ll face on the job so you’ll be ready to tackle any complex issue thrown your way. Our faculty challenge students to answer questions about how theory applies to real world managerial challenges through coursework and experiential learning.



Management courses have a special emphasis on people and social dynamics in the workplace.

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning
New Venture Planning

In this class, management students will be introduced to a number of entrepreneurial companies via case studies and guest speakers. Additionally, these students will read about and discuss topics such as the business plan, raising money for a new venture, assessing the riskiness of new businesses and the unique management challenges of start-ups.

Foundations of Sustainable Enterprise

This course is designed to help students examine current threats to the sustainability of the global economy, the environment and social impacts of current business practice. You will also learn how both governmental regulations and for profit business initiatives are needed to address these issues.

Isenberg Management Association

The Isenberg Management Association is a student run organization that fosters a better understanding of management ideas, strategies, and practices. The IMA organizes faculty seminars, alumni presentations, field trips to businesses, and networking for relevant employment opportunities. IMA creates cohesion and provides resources for Isenberg students interested in management.

Students that obtained employment within 6 months of graduation
Median starting salary, Class of 2021
Public Business School in the Northeast, 2021
Career Paths in Management

Career Paths in Management

Graduates are positioned to excel in a variety of positions, from executives of businesses and social agencies to leaders in government, education, healthcare and non-profits. Many management majors start their own businesses, or have also gone on to graduate studies in business, law or professional management programs offered by major corporations. Isenberg's Office of Career Success is dedicated to serving the career and professional development needs of Isenberg students.

Management Career ResourcesManagement Career Resources
Management Faculty

Management Faculty

Michael Blomfield
Assistant Professor
Michael Blomfield View Profile
D. Anthony Butterfield
Professor Emeritus
D. Anthony Butterfield View Profile
Marta Calas
Marta Calás
Marta Calás View Profile
Ina Ganguli
Ina Ganguli
Associate Professor of Economics
Ina Ganguli View Profile
Emily Heaphy
Emily Heaphy
Associate Professor & John F. Kennedy Faculty Fellow
Emily Heaphy View Profile
Charles Johnson
Charles J. Johnson
Clinical Associate Professor & Associate Director of the Berthiaume Center for Entrepreneurship
Charles J. Johnson View Profile
Ron Karren
Professor Emeritus
Ron Karren View Profile
Jennifer Kish-Gephart Head Shot.JPG
Jennifer Kish-Gephart
Associate Professor of Organization Studies
Jennifer Kish-Gephart View Profile
Giuseppe (Joe) Labianca
Giuseppe (Joe) Labianca
Berthiaume Chaired Professor of Leadership
Giuseppe (Joe) Labianca View Profile
Mzamo Mangaliso
Mzamo Mangaliso
Department Chair, Associate Professor
Mzamo Mangaliso View Profile
Robert Marx
Professor Emeritus
Robert Marx View Profile
Jennifer Merton
Associate Department Chair, Law Lecturer Coordinator and Senior Lecturer
Jennifer Merton View Profile
Temitope Oladimeji
Temitope S. Oladimeji
Assistant Professor
Temitope S. Oladimeji View Profile
Bogdan Prokopovych
Senior Lecturer
Bogdan Prokopovych View Profile
Feng Qiu
Feng Qiu
Assistant Professor
Feng Qiu View Profile
Orlando Richard
Orlando Richard
Earl W. Stafford Endowed Professor in Organizational Studies
Orlando Richard View Profile
Anurag Sharma
Anurag Sharma
Associate Professor
Anurag Sharma View Profile
Brian Shea
Brian Shea View Profile
Bruce Skaggs
Bruce Skaggs
Flavin Endowed Professor in Entrepreneurial Studies: Management
Bruce Skaggs View Profile
Linda Smircich
Professor Emeritus
Linda Smircich View Profile

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