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We are one of the world’s most established and successful hospitality and tourism management programs, with over 75 years of producing hospitality leaders. A key advantage of our program is that we are part of the Isenberg School of Management, giving our students a more effective education with courses such as marketing, business information, communications, finance, and accounting, as well as in the specialization of hospitality and tourism management.

The hospitality and tourism major is one of only two programs in Isenberg that accept applications from current UMass Amherst undergraduate students. Many students choose to add HTM as a double major alongside other business degree programs or programs throughout the university.

Dustin Acocelli
What I love most about being an Isenberg HTM student is the community of people that I get to interact with daily. It’s just such a wonderful community that’s very welcoming, open, and friendly overall and I loved building relationships within it.
Dustin Acocelli '24
Abbey Berry
I was undecided about my major at first but then I took HTM 100, which inspired me to pursue hospitality. I also love finance, but I couldn’t choose between the two—so having the flexibility that we have here at Isenberg I was able to double major and that allowed me to dive into both.
Abbey Berry '25
Michal Appelbaum
The HTM major has amazing professors and offers incredible opportunities—on and off campus. This industry is so broad and dynamic and more than just hotels.
Michal Appelbaum '26

Why Major in HTM at Isenberg?

Melissa Baker
Melissa Baker
Department Chair and Jaime ’76
and Cindy Pereira Faculty Fellow

Hospitality and tourism is the largest industry in the world, employing 11 percent of the global workforce and accounting for 10 percent of the global GDP. We are the leaders that are behind your favorite memories, creating unforgettable customer experiences. We are also the leaders in managing million-dollar budgets and billion-dollar assets.

If you have a passion for service and dedication to making a difference in others’ lives through leadership excellence, we welcome you to be a part of one of the most prestigious hospitality and tourism management programs.

The world of hospitality and tourism management is dynamic, exciting, and rewarding, offering opportunities to manage a diverse global workforce and create lifelong memories for varied groups of guests, customers, and clients. We have strong foundations in traditional segments such as lodging management, food service management, event and entertainment management, club management, marketing, and financial management. But hospitality and tourism offers so many more cutting-edge learning and career opportunities related to a host of non-traditional segments such as customer experience management, customer relationship management, real estate and property management, social media marketing, information technology, data analytics, entrepreneurship, and revenue management.

The skills you learn with us in operations, management, marketing, finance, and accounting provide a business foundation, which, when coupled with a specialization in hospitality and service experience management, provide a competitive advantage which will open doors to countless opportunities. Simply put, our program provides the foundation for you to work in the world’s largest and rewarding industry with highly transferable skills to take you wherever you desire.

Hospitality is a team sport, and we want to help you find your place and passion at UMass HTM. Here, you will grow into a future global leader, who brings the virtue of hospitality to life. We warmly welcome you to the world of hospitality and tourism management.

Learn more about our mission and our learning objectives here.

Continue reading about our Hospitality & Tourism Management undergraduate program here.


Kim, Sunny
Our PhD department boasts a group of renowned professors who are experts in their fields. Their guidance has helped me grow as a researcher. The opportunity for active collaboration and access to high-quality classes in other business departments has been both enjoyable and invaluable. By the time you graduate, you will feel fully prepared and confident to stand in front of a classroom. If you want to become a well-prepared researcher and teacher, this is the program for you!

Hospitality & Tourism Management News

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HTM Annual Awards Dinner Features Industry Luminaries
HTM Annual Awards Dinner Features Industry Luminaries
On Tuesday, April 2, 2024, at the Omni Boston at the Seaport, the Isenberg School of Management's Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM) Department
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Isenberg HTM Students Win National Shark Tank Competition
Isenberg HTM Students Win National Shark Tank Competition
Pickleball is exploding in popularity—with relatively simple rules and a smaller court than tennis, it’s the fastest-growing sport in the country
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HTM Career Day 50th Anniversary: Proud Past, Golden Future We are excited to announce that 2024 marks the 50th anniversary of our student-led HTM Career Day. Over these 50 years, hundreds of student

HTM Career Day 50th Anniversary: Proud Past, Golden Future

We are excited to announce that 2024 marks the 50th anniversary of our student-led HTM Career Day. Over these 50 years, hundreds of student leaders have managed the largest career day in the Northeast, serving tens of thousands of students and industry partners. In celebration, we have launched a campaign to support future generations of HTM students. Learn more here about how you can be a part of #HTMPossibilities:

  • Attracting the Next Generation of Students  
  • Experiential Learning and Industry Engagement 
  • Career Success and Opportunities 
  • HTM Scholarships

Alumni Network & Mentoring

Our program maintains an active relationship with many alumni around the globe. This allows us to offer opportunities for students to network and be mentored by those working in the industry. This happens in both formal and informal ways.

Formally, through the Seminar in Hospitality and Tourism Leadership course, students learn about leadership principles while also being partnered with a current industry leader who mentors them throughout the semester. For many students, this mentee-mentor relationship continue throughout their academic and professional careers.

Informally, our active and engaged alumni are connected to our students and department. This includes our esteemed Leadership Board and Young Alumni Council. To learn more about the HTM alumni network click here.

HTM Faculty

HTM Faculty

HTM FacultyView all HTM faculty
Jenafer Andrén-Kazunas
Chef-Professor, Senior Lecturer, Marriott Center Operations Coordinator
Jenafer Andrén-Kazunas View Profile
Albert G. Assaf
Professor and Hadelman Family Faculty Fellow
Albert G. Assaf View Profile
Melissa Baker
Department Chair and Jaime ’76 and Cindy Pereira Faculty Fellow
Melissa Baker View Profile
William J. Foley
William J. Foley View Profile
Irem Onder Neuhofer
Irem Onder Neuhofer
Associate Professor and PhD Program Coordinator
Irem Onder Neuhofer View Profile
Laurie Salame
Laurie Salame
Senior Lecturer II
Laurie Salame View Profile
Atul Sheel
Associate Professor
Atul Sheel View Profile
Erin Tierney
Erin Tierney
Senior Lecturer
Erin Tierney View Profile
Muzzo Uysal
Carney Family Endowed Professor
Muzzo Uysal View Profile
Rod Warnick
Rod Warnick View Profile

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