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Marta Calás




PhD, Organization Studies, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, 1987
MBA, Organizational Behavior, University of California at Berkeley, Graduate School of Business Administration, 1970
BBA, University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras, College of Business Administration, 1966

Academic Appointments

Professor (University of Massachusetts-Amherst), 1986-Present
Professor (University of Puerto Rico), 1972-1985
Assistant Dean for External Program Development (University of Puerto Rico), 1977-1979
Acting Dean, College of Business Administration (University of Puerto Rico), 1984-1985
Visiting Research Professor, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, March 2012
Fulbright Scholar, Åbo Akademi University, Åbo, Finland, Spring 2000
Visiting Associate Professor, School of Business, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Summer 1992

Recent Honors / Awards

Dean's Research Excellence Award, Isenberg School of Management University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2010
Sage Award for Distinguished Scholarly Contribution, for academic leadership and impact of scholarship in the area of gender and diversity. GDO Division of the Academy of Management, 2006
Public Service Endowment Grant, Office of Industry Liaison, University of Massachusetts, Amherst for the project “Extending Capabilities in an Emerging Cycling Service Industry", 2004
Fulbright Scholar – Åbo Akademi University – Institute for Women’s Studies, Spring 2000

Research Interests

Gender and Feminist Theorizing in Organization Studies
Critical Perspectives on Globalization, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability
Contemporary Social Theory and Cultural Studies

Teaching Interests

  • Behavior in the Global Economy
  • International Management
  • Organization Behavior and Theory
  • International Management
  • Conceptual foundations of Organization Studies
  • Research and Theory in International Organization Studies
  • Gender, Race, Class, and Organization

Selected Publications

Calás, M.B. & Smircich, L. (2014). “Engendering the Organizational: Organization Studies and Feminist Theorizing.” In P. S. Adler, P. du Gay, G. Morgan & M. Reed (Eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Sociology, Social Theory and Organization Studies: Contemporary Currents, pp. 605-659. London: Oxford University Press:

Calás, M.B., Smircich, L., & Holvino, E. (2014). “Theorizing Gender-and-Organization: Changing Times. …Changing Theories?” In S. Kumra, R. Simpson & R. Burke (Eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Gender in Organizations, pp 17-52. London: Oxford University Press:

Calás, M.B, Ou, H. , and Smircich, L., (2013) “ ‘Woman’ on the Move: Mobile Subjectivities after Intersectionality”, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, 32 (8):  708-731.

Bourne, K. and  Calás, M.B. (2013) Becoming ‘real’ entrepreneurs: Women and the gendered normalization of ‘work’. Gender, Work & Organization, 20 (4): 425-438.

Calás, M.B. and  Smircich, L. (2013) Organization@21 The journal of disconcerting organization theory and action. Organization, 20(1): 13-23.

Calás, M.B. and  Smircich, L. (2011).  In the back and forth of transmigration: Rethinking organization studies in a transnational key. In D. Knights, P.Y. Martin and E. Jeannes (Eds.) Handbook of Gender, Work & Organization, pp. 411-428.  London: Wiley-Blackwell.