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Ina Ganguli

Associate Professor of Economics

PhD, Harvard University, 2011
MPP, University of Michigan, 2004
BA, Northwestern University, 2001

Selected Publications

“Chasing the Academic Dream: Biased Beliefs and Scientific Labor Markets,” (with Patrick Gaulé and Danijela Vuletić Čugalj), Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 202 (2022): 17-33.

“How Do Nascent Social Entrepreneurs Respond to Rewards? A Field Experiment on Motivations in a Grant Competition,” (with Marieke Huysentruyt and Chloé Le Coq), Management Science, 67, no. 10 (2021): 6294-6316.

“Engineering Serendipity: When Does Knowledge Sharing Lead to Knowledge Production?” (with Jacqueline Lane, Patrick Gaulé, Eva Guinan, and Karim Lakhani), Strategic Management Journal, 42, no. 6 (2021): 1215-1244.

“Gender Differences in Professional Career Dynamics: New Evidence from a Global Law Firm,” (with Ricardo Hausmann and Martina Viarengo), Economica, 88, no. 349 (2021): 105-128.

“Social Artrepreneurship in History: Lessons from the Wanderers’ Exhibitions in Imperial Russia,” (with Bogdan Prokopovych), Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, (2020): 1-21.

“The Paper Trail of Knowledge Spillovers: Evidence from Patent Interferences,” (with Jeffrey Lin and Nicholas Reynolds), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics,12(2), pp.278-302 (2020).

“Immigrant Selection Before and After Communism,” Economics of Transition, 26(4), 649-694 (2018).

“A Field Experiment on Search Costs and the Formation of Scientific Collaborations,” (with Kevin Boudreau, Tom Brady, Patrick Gaule, Tony Hollenberg, Eva Guinan and Karim Lakhani), Review of Economics and Statistics, 99(4): 565-576, October 2017.

“Saving Soviet Science: The Impact of Grants When Government R&D Funding Disappears,” American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 9(2): 165-201, April 2017.

“The Mobility of Elite Life Scientists: Professional and Personal Determinants,” (with Pierre Azoulay and Joshua Graff Zivin), Research Policy, 46(3): 573-590, April 2017.

“It’s Good to Be First: Order Bias in Reading and Citing NBER Working Papers,” (with Daniel Feenberg, Patrick Gaulé and Jonathan Gruber), Review of Economics and Statistics, 99(1): 32-39, March 2017.

“Immigration & Ideas: What Did Russian Scientists ‘Bring’ to the US?” The Journal of Labor Economics, Vol. 33, No. S1, pp. S257-S288 (Part 2, July 2015).

“Scientific Brain Drain and Human Capital Formation After the End of the Soviet Union,” International Migration, 52: 95–110 (2014).

“Closing The Gender Gap In Education: What Is The State of Gaps In Labour Force Participation For Women, Wives And Mothers?” (with Ricardo Hausmann and Martina Viarengo), International Labour Review 153: 173–207 (2014).

“Marriage, Education and Assortative Mating in Latin America,” (with Ricardo Hausmann and Martina Viarengo), Applied Economics Letters 21(12), 806-811 (2014).

“Institutions, Markets and Men’s and Women’s Wage Inequality: Evidence from Ukraine,” (with Katherine Terrell), Journal of Comparative Economics, 34(2): 200-227 (2006).