About the MBA/MS Dual Degrees

Our on-campus master's program offers several MBA/MS dual degree options to consider. If you have a very specialized area of interest or career goal in mind, a dual degree may be a great option for you. In partnership with the applicable departments, we currently offer six dual degrees in three programs.

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MBA/MS in Sport Management

To graduate from the dual degree program, students must fulfill the degree requirements for both programs and complete the required 72 credits (37 MBA & 35 MS). This will typically take 24 to 27 months, depending on the type of internship taken. Upon successful completion, two distinct degrees will be awarded: Master's of Business Administration and Master's of Science in Sport Management.

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MBA/Masters of Public Policy & Administration

This dual degree, offered through our On-Campus MBA program and the School of Public Policy is designed to allow qualified students to pursue an integrated and comprehensive course of study in policy, public management, and business administration. Graduates will be ready for careers at any level of government and management or analyst positions in the nonprofit and private sectors in the United States and abroad.

School of Public Policy School of Public Policy
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MBA/MS in Engineering

The College of Engineering offers six Master of Science programs, four of which are currently participating in the MBA/MS Dual Degree Program in partnership with our On-Campus MBA program: Civil Engineering, Environmental & Water Resources Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.

Candidates must complete their first year in the MBA program, where they take their classes in a cohort with first-year MBA students and other dual degree seekers. Students complete 33 credits during their first year. During their second and third years, candidates take a total of 30 to 31 credits (25 course credits and a thesis) at the College of Engineering, as well as a 9-credit MBA practicum.  The total number of credits required to complete one of the dual degree programs is 73 (42 in the MBA, 31 in Engineering).

College of Engineering College of Engineering