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Students in Isenberg’s PhD program in hospitality and tourism management engage in research that furthers society’s understanding of the unique industry.

From uncovering the environmental, social and economic impacts of tourism to investigating theories and models of services marketing and management, students use their time at Isenberg to make powerful connections between ideas, introduce thoughtful and provoking analysis, and contribute scholarly research.

Jeon, Yejin
The PhD program in Hospitality & Tourism Management at Isenberg is the perfect setting to establish a robust foundation for a future career as a competent professor. The world-renowned faculty has not only enhanced my expertise but also broadened my insights. Additionally, being part of this business school offers the distinct advantage of collaboration opportunities with distinguished scholars across disciplines, facilitating the building of valuable networks.
Matthew Coyne
The UMass Isenberg HTM program provides world-class expertise and has intellectually challenged me to think about teaching and research in innovative ways. A key benefit of this program is the world renowned faculty in both the HTM and business school. The faculty and PhD students are supportive and welcoming. The Amherst location is beautiful as well.

Message from the Coordinator

Irem Onder Neuhofer

The hospitality and tourism industry lends itself to fascinating and revealing research about society, the economy and the marketplace. Our PhD program in Hotel and Tourism Management (HTM) gives students the time and resources to delve into the industry, to engage in rigorous research, and to publish their findings.

Our PhD graduates become top scholars, professors and researchers at the leading hospitality and tourism programs in the US and abroad. Our graduates are successful because our program offers:

  • One-on-one mentoring and advising by renowned faculty. Students will work closely with faculty on multiple research projects. 
  • The opportunity to specialize in one focus area. Our concentrations include marketing/consumer behavior, leadership, information technology and social media, operational research and finance.
  • Real-world preparation for careers in academia. All candidates teach graduate-level classes at Isenberg and have 100% responsibility in their classrooms.

Additionally, students in our program also graduate with a PhD in Management, making them more marketable in the job field and more knowledgeable in the classroom.

While our program is rigorous and highly selective, our learning environment is collaborative and supportive. We welcome applicants who are self-motivated, committed, and independent initiators and team players.

Irem Onder Neuhofer
Associate Professor and PhD Coordinator

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Watch Video in modal: HTM PhD Program Overview

HTM PhD Program Overview

Watch our video to hear about the program from the students and professors in this active teaching and research community.

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Students generally complete a PhD in HTM within 4-5 years. Students must take core courses in theory and research methods, as well as electives and minor classes. In addition, our doctoral students must pass a qualifying and comprehensive examination. Students also teach at Isenberg. During the final years, students are responsible for creating and defending a dissertation.


Here's a sample of required HTM courses:

  • Foundations of Organizational Behavior and Theory
  • Research Design
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • Structural Equation Model
  • Seminar in Tourism Theory and Research
  • Seminar in Hospitality Research
  • Services Marketing/Management Research
Degree Timeline

YEAR 1: Coursework, including statistics, research methods, and theory courses, and research electives; Qualifying exam

YEAR 2: Coursework, including marketing and management courses, research electives and minor area courses; Comprehensive exam

YEAR 3: Additional coursework as needed; Development of dissertation proposal; Teaching

YEAR 4-5: Dissertation research

HTM Doctoral Students

HTM Doctoral Students