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Atul Sheel

Associate Professor

Hospitality & Tourism Management


PhD in Business Administration (Finance), University of Massachusetts-Amherst
MS in Hotel, Restaurant and Travel Administration, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
BSC, University of Delhi, India

Academic Appointments

Associate Professor of Finance and Graduate Faculty, 2001-Present
Doctoral Student Supervisor, 2010-2012
Graduate Program Director - Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA., 2007-2012

Recent Honors / Awards

TEACHnology Fellow Award - University of Massachusetts, 2004-2005
Distinguished Teaching Award Nominee, 2000-2001
Lilly Fellowship Award Nominee, 1998-1999
National Merit Award from Ministry for Tourism, Government of India for contribution to the hospitality arrangements of the 9th Asian Games
Michael D. Olsen Research Achievement Award Nominee, 2012
International Recognition and Scholarly Award: ANBAR Research Scholar (2000) and Certificate for Excellence in Research from ANBAR Electronic Intelligence, a division of MCB University Press, U.K, 2000
Honorable mention for the best article for the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research Article, International CHRIE, 1998
Annals of Tourism Award, Third Annual Graduate Education and Research Conference in Hospitality & Tourism, University of Houston, TX, 1998
Ranked one of the best four research papers for the ICHRIE Best Paper VNR Research Award, 1996

Research Interests

Corporate Finance
Hospitality Investment, Economic Impact, and Feasibility Studies
Hospitality Financial Management
Revenue Management
Hospitality Managerial Accounting

Teaching Interests

  • Corporate Finance

Selected Publications

Pawar, A., Gholap, R.and Sheel, A. (2019). Strategic Effect of Degree of Operating Leverage on Value Premium of Lodging Firms. The Journal of Hospitality Financial Management,Volume 27, Issue 1.

•Pawar, A., Gholap, R. and Sheel, A. (2018). Degree of Operating Leverage andValue Premium of Lodging Firms. Best Paper Award at the 2018Annual Conference of the International Association of Hospitality Financial management Educators (IAHFME).New York, November 2018.

•Sheel, A. (2016). SCP-relevance and class-effect in performance–A comparative analysis of restaurants and petroleum firms. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 52, 33-45.

With Y. Zhong, Y. "Cash Dividend Announcements and Cumulative Abnormal Returns in Lodging and Restaurant Firms."Journal of Hospitality Financial Management. Volume 13, Number 1, 2006.

With A. Nagpal. "An Examination of Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities: Some Useful Insights for Borrowers,"Journal of Hospitality Financial Management, 10(1), 2002.

"The Relationship Between Dividend Yields and Common Equity Returns for Hotel and Lodging Firms in the United Kingdom, USA, and Japan: Some Empirical Evidence," Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, 22(1), 1998.

"Monte Carlo Simulations and Scenario Analysis: Decision-Making Tools for Hoteliers," Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 36(5), 1995.

"An Empirical Analysis of Anomalies in the Relationship between Earnings' Yield and Returns of Common Stocks: The Case of Hotel and Lodging Firms," Hospitality Research Journal, 18(3) and 19(1), 1995.