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We are one of the world’s most established and successful hospitality and tourism management programs, with over 75 years of producing hospitality leaders. Our HTM graduates are sought after for their ability to provide innovative leadership in changing environments, from small-town communities to the largest cities in the world.

Find Your Place in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Find Your Place in Hospitality and Tourism Management

A key advantage of our program is that we are part of the Isenberg School of Management giving our students a more effective education with courses such as marketing, business information, communications, finance, and accounting, as well as in the specialization of hospitality and tourism management.

Our program offers networking and engagement with industry leaders, peer-to-peer collaborations, and global travel opportunities, to give our students first-hand industry experience. 



Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning
HTM Career Day

This multi-day event is entirely planned, implemented, and executed by our committed student leaders. From being on the executive planning board, to being a key volunteer, to attending the event as a prospective candidate, there is a role for every student to play. Operating for more than 40 successful years, the HTM Career Day is one of the longest running student-led events among all hospitality and tourism management programs.

HTM Career DayLearn more
Marriott Meals

The Marriott Center for Hospitality and Tourism Management provides students an unparalleled hands-on experience in managing a full-service, open to the public restaurant. Through this required class and lab, our highly skilled chef educators teach students about purchasing, production, cost control, and service management, which are integral skills needed in managing the nearly $900 billion restaurant industry.

Marriott Meals at the Marriott CenterLearn more
Beverage Management

Our Beverage Management course introduces students to the role wine, spirits, beer, and beverages play in hospitality management and profitability. This experiential course engages students as they not only learn about tasting and pairing principles, but also how to control for loss and theft through the key management practices of buying, pricing, control, storage, promotion, and selling of beverages.

Students who obtained employment within 6 months of graduating
Average starting salary, Class of 2021
Public Business School in the Northeast, 2021
Career Paths in Hospitality & Tourism Management

Career Paths in Hospitality & Tourism Management

From small towns, to thriving cities, to remote corners of the world, working in the world’s largest industry means you can go anywhere you desire; our customers travel everywhere and so can you.

From 5-diamond hotel properties, to bustling successful restaurants, to elite clubs, you will find our HTM graduates delivering outstanding hospitality services and taking charge of multi-million dollar budgets.

From consultants at the world’s largest customer experience measurement firms, to successful entrepreneurs, to uniquely designed career paths, you will find our HTM graduates leading the way and innovating the industry.

HTM Career ResourcesHTM Career Resources

Alumni Network & Mentoring

Our program maintains an active relationship with many alumni around the globe. This allows us to offer opportunities for students to network and be mentored by those working in the industry. This happens in both formal and informal ways.

Formally, through the Seminar in Hospitality and Tourism Leadership course, students learn about leadership principles while also being partnered with a current industry leader who mentors them throughout the semester. For many students, this mentee-mentor relationship continue throughout their academic and professional careers.

Informally, our active and engaged alumni are connected to our students and department. This includes our esteemed Leadership Board and Young Alumni Council. To learn more about the HTM alumni network click here.

Hospitality & Tourism Management Faculty

Hospitality & Tourism Management Faculty

Jenafer Andrén-Kazunas
Chef-Professor, Senior Lecturer, Marriott Center Operations Coordinator
Jenafer Andrén-Kazunas View Profile
Albert G. Assaf
Professor, Hadelman Family Faculty Fellow & PhD Coordinator
Albert G. Assaf View Profile
Melissa Baker
Associate Professor
Melissa Baker View Profile
Linda K. Enghagen
Senior Associate Dean, Academic Programs & Professor
Linda K. Enghagen View Profile
William J. Foley
William J. Foley View Profile
Linda L. Lowry
Associate Professor
Linda L. Lowry View Profile
Irem Onder Neuhofer
Irem Onder Neuhofer
Associate Professor
Irem Onder Neuhofer View Profile
Laurie Salame
Laurie Salame
Senior Lecturer II
Laurie Salame View Profile
Atul Sheel
Associate Department Chair & Associate Professor
Atul Sheel View Profile
Erin Tierney
Erin Tierney
Senior Lecturer
Erin Tierney View Profile
Muzzo Uysal
Department Chair & Professor
Muzzo Uysal View Profile
Rod Warnick
Rod Warnick View Profile

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