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Mission and Program Learning Objectives

Our Mission:

  • Teach, advance, and support the practice and management of the hospitality and tourism industries, and to address the needs of its multiple constituencies.
  • Advance industry knowledge through original and adaptive research and scholarship.
  • Serve the industry through programs on and off campus designed to advance and renew the education of those practicing in the field.
  • Support the University of Massachusetts by participating in its governing bodies and serving the state public at large.

Our Program Learning Objectives (PLOs):

Discipline and Industry Knowledge:

1. Identify key theories and concepts of management, accounting, finance, marketing, and information technology and apply them in the hospitality and tourism context.

2. Identify the key sub sectors of the hospitality and tourism industry and the unique operating-environment characteristics of each sub sector.

Business Communication:

3. Compose well-written business documents.

4. Report and communicate effective business presentations by use of appropriate technology.

Leadership and Teamwork:

5. Identify and apply leadership theories within the hospitality and tourism context.

6. Solve business problems collectively.

Critical Thinking:

7. Apply critical thinking to business problems and their causes.

8. Debate and generate innovative and alternative solutions.

9. Justify reasoned conclusions within the hospitality and tourism context.

Legal Knowledge and Ethical Reasoning:

10. Apply knowledge of law and ethical reasoning in making decisions within the context of hospitality and tourism.

Program Outcomes

  2017-2018 2018-2019 2019-2020
Student placement rate % 93 93 74
Retention rate from freshman to sophomore % 84 90 81