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Complete Your Undergraduate Degree Online with Isenberg Students choose Isenberg’s online option to complete an undergraduate degree in accounting because they want to advance in their professions or

Complete Your Undergraduate Degree Online with Isenberg

Students choose Isenberg’s online option to complete an undergraduate degree in accounting because they want to advance in their professions or make a career change. Isenberg offers freedom without compromise—a flexible learning environment that delivers a superior AACSB-accredited education.

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Why Accounting?

Why Accounting?

Accountants can read the bottom line, and in between the lines, to understand the nuts and bolts of how a business works.

As highly sought-after advisors, accountants paint a picture of the health of a business—guarding it against pitfalls and opening doors to new growth opportunities.



The curriculum prepares students to perform a broad range of accounting, auditing, tax and consulting activities to steer employers and clients in a sound financial direction.

You must have a minimum of 27 transferable credits.

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Career Paths in Accounting

Career Paths in Accounting

Accounting majors take positions in a broad spectrum of industries, including banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, real estate developers, and accounting firms. Many students chose to complete their Master of Accounting (MSA) degree in as soon as two semesters after the senior year. Isenberg's Office of Career Success is dedicated to serving the career and professional development needs of Isenberg students.

Accounting Career ResourcesAccounting Career Resources
Accounting Faculty

Accounting Faculty

Accounting Dept FacultyView All
Chris Agoglia
Christopher P. Agoglia
Richard Simpson Endowed Professor
Christopher P. Agoglia View Profile
Orhan Akisik
Senior Lecturer II
Orhan Akisik View Profile
Bradley Bennett
Ronald C. Mannino Faculty Fellow & Associate Professor
Bradley Bennett View Profile
Jeremiah W. Bentley
Richard Dieter MS ‘66 & Susan C. Dieter Faculty Fellow and Associate Professor
Jeremiah W. Bentley View Profile
Kerri Bohonowicz
Clinical Lecturer
Kerri Bohonowicz View Profile
William D. Brown Jr.
Associate Dean for Finance, Operations, & Strategic Initiatives, & Clinical Professor
William D. Brown Jr. View Profile
Graham Gal 2022
Graham Gal
Associate Professor
Graham Gal View Profile
Yoon Ju Kang
Associate Professor
Yoon Ju Kang View Profile
Andrew Kitto
Assistant Professor
Andrew Kitto View Profile
Catherine Lowry
Catherine West Lowry
Senior Lecturer II
Catherine West Lowry View Profile
W. Timothy Mitchell
W. Timothy Mitchell
Associate Department Chair & Clinical Associate Professor
W. Timothy Mitchell View Profile
David Piercey
David Piercey
Department Chair and John F. Kennedy Endowed Professor
David Piercey View Profile
Jennifer Roy
Jennifer Roy View Profile
LSwartz img 9859 for web.jpg
Lynda Schwartz
Lecturer & Forensic Accounting and Analytics Program Director
Lynda Schwartz View Profile
Matthew G. Sherwood
Assistant Professor
Matthew G. Sherwood View Profile
Pamela Trafford
Pamela Trafford
Senior Lecturer II
Pamela Trafford View Profile
Silvia Triani.jpg
Silvia Triani
Silvia Triani View Profile
Sean Wandrei
Sean Wandrei
MSA Program Director & Senior Lecturer
Sean Wandrei View Profile
Elaine Wang
Elaine Wang
Professor & Dean's Research Fellow
Elaine Wang View Profile
Yao Yu
Yao Yu
Assistant Professor
Yao Yu View Profile

Academic Advising

Our advisors are experts with over ten years of experience guiding students through online education. We offer personalized advice on any aspect of Isenberg, from applying to a program to choosing the right classes. Your success is our top priority, and we welcome the opportunity to talk with you.