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The Business in Italy Program combines a course with a field trip to Italy. The course framework includes: readings, lectures, and group activities.

While in Italy, students will meet with business leaders, tour business facilities and cultural sites, attend lectures, and immerse themselves in the culture of Italy.


In the Business in Italy Program, students study the effects of globalization on Italian business. The on-campus course is designed to broaden the global perspective of students who have chosen studies in business and management. We will focus on the unique role that Italy plays in the world economy and more specifically on the history, culture, and management practices that enable Italian business to influence the worldwide markets for high-end designer consumer products. All this will be accomplished through readings, research, and discussions taking place both in the classroom on campus and during the trip in Italy.


As is often said, one learns best about oneself in reference to some well-defined other.  In this context, we expect that understanding the nature of business and management in a different country will likely expose opportunities and vulnerabilities that may be embedded in our taken-for-granted practices at home. Contemplating business and culture in another land is good global business education at home. The field trip to Italy takes place over a 10-12 day period.  We travel as a group, beginning and ending our journey at Boston's Logan Airport together. While in Italy we travel by chartered bus. The field trip provides an intense group experience that students have often said builds lasting memories and friendships.


The on-campus seminar has two main objectives: (1) to provide students the opportunity to learn about globalization and (2) to prepare students for the field trip. Once we return from Italy, our on-campus study has two new objectives: (1) to discuss what was learned in class in relation to what was observed and experienced in Italy, and (2) to reflect upon the professional and personal experiences the seminar and field trip facilitated.

Students will travel with two-three Isenberg School representatives to Italy for a first-hand look at Italian business and culture. Accompanied by at least two faculty members from the Isenberg School of Management, students will visit cities, such as Venice, Florence, and Rome with day trips to nearby locations of interest. Students will meet, with business people to observe business in action, and they will visit cultural and historical sites to get a feel of the societal undercurrents.

More about the Program

More about the Program

Before the trip: The class meets once a week on Tuesdays from Oct. 25th through December 6th, 2022, from 7:00 - 8:15 p.m. 

Study Abroad trip: January 7th- 19th, 2023

Post Trip: One class meeting to present final projects

Faculty Contacts

Faculty Contacts

W. Timothy Mitchell
W. Timothy Mitchell
Associate Department Chair & Clinical Associate Professor
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Melissa Baker
Department Chair
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