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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Our job in marketing & communications is to promote the Isenberg School of Management as a top-class educational brand among our internal and external community.

Isenberg Brand

Isenberg Brand
Our Brand

Branding is important because it makes a positive and memorable impression. An organization that doesn’t care about its brand sends an implicit message that it doesn’t care about the people it serves. The Isenberg brand is more than just a logo or visual identity. But the correct and consistent use of our branding across all messages an important first step that signals our values and commitment to our community.

We Drive The Driven

Isenberg's students, alumni and faculty have incredible drive. We channel that drive by focusing on more than just business theory and business case studies. We also focus on the business of preparing students mentally and emotionally to succeed. By charging our students with real responsibility, our great expectations fuel great achievement.

Our Voice

The voice of Isenberg is straightforward, no-nonsense, intelligent, strong, and powerful. Our voice has substance reflective of our programs and professors. Our tone should be bold – the tone and voice of a leader.

Links & Assets

Links & Assets

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Allison Werder
Allison Werder
Assistant Dean of Marketing and Communication, Chief Marketing Officer
Allison Werder View Profile
Tom Morton
Director of Marketing
Tom Morton View Profile
Krista Carothers
Associate Director of Communications
Krista Carothers View Profile
David Orsman_0.jpg
Dave Orsman
Marketing Specialist
Dave Orsman View Profile
Felix Rodriguez.jpg
Felix Rodriguez
Communications Specialist
Felix Rodriguez View Profile
Elizabeth Bednarczyk
Elizabeth D. Bednarczyk
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Elizabeth D. Bednarczyk View Profile
Gillian Brown
Gillian Brown
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Gillian Brown View Profile
Jess Reis
Jessica Reis
Communications Coordinator
Jessica Reis View Profile
Jack Goode
Jack Goode
Video Production Specialist
Jack Goode View Profile