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Every size and kind of gift matters. Whether this is your first gift to Isenberg or one among many over the years, you can support Isenberg in a way that works best for you. Below you'll find descriptions and links for different types of philanthropic gifts.

Ways to Give

Ways to Give
Isenberg's Priority Funds

Isenberg has achieved remarkable success over the past decade, rising in national rankings and attracting world-class students and faculty members. For supporters who want to help us maintain this momentum, we have identified five priority areas essential to advancing the school’s reputation and propelling Isenberg even higher among the top tier of public business school programs: Attract Exceptional Students, Sustain Faculty Excellence, Enable Career Success, Create Global Citizens and Inclusive Leaders and Inspire Innovation in Teaching & Learning.

Learn more and support these priorities. Learn more and support these priorities.
Annual Giving

Isenberg’s Annual Fund is a critical source of current-use dollars that fuel every aspect of the school’s mission. Annual gifts enrich the experiences of students both in and out of the classroom, expand the research and teaching capacity of our faculty, enhance our ability to recruit and retain top students and faculty, and help to ensure that students from every economic background have access to an Isenberg education.

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Endowed Gifts

While Isenberg relies heavily on current sources of income to take care of immediate needs, the endowment is critical to its long-term success. It is the foundation that keeps the school working today, while assuring support in the years to come. For donors, the endowment provides an opportunity to make gifts that honor loved ones, create legacies, and fund the people and programs important to them in perpetuity.

To learn more, contact the Isenberg development team. To learn more, contact the Isenberg development team.
Gift Planning

A planned gift is one of several strategies to provide a gift to Isenberg from your estate, through a life income vehicle, or with a complex asset. A planned gift may allow you to maintain ownership and control of all of your assets during your lifetime. Some planned gifts may provide an income charitable tax deduction now or a charitable estate tax deduction. Life income vehicles, can provide a guaranteed lifetime income stream and an immediate income tax deduction.

To learn more, visit the gift planning website. To learn more, visit the gift planning website.