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In Isenberg’s Operations Management PhD program, doctoral students receive an exceptional training under the tutelage of renowned faculty members.

Research in Operations Management offers exciting opportunities to explore and enhance business processes in the fields of operations management, logistics and transportation, using data analytics, statistics, mathematical modeling and optimization methods. Doctoral students in this concentration are rigorously trained to conduct scholarly research and to become outstanding teachers.

Message from Coordinator


In this program, doctoral students receive an exceptional training under the tutelage of renowned faculty members. Their research is conducted at the highest levels of academic rigor and scholarly excellence and target prestigious journals of the field.

We support and prepare our students for exciting academic and research positions by offering:

  • An assistantship for five years, including the first four summers
  • Excellent research training that yields several research manuscripts targeting some of our best journal outlets
  • Opportunities to present research work at major conferences in our field, including INFORMS, POM, and ICIS
  • Immersion into academia by nominating students for doctoral colloquia at major conferences
  • Opportunities to strengthen CVs by teaching introductory courses for three semesters
  • Opportunities to compete for school and campus awards, including the prestigious Isenberg Outstanding Doctoral Student Researcher Award and the Isenberg Outstanding Doctoral Student Teacher Award. Our students have regularly garnered such awards.

The totality of the training and mentoring our students receive at Isenberg uniquely prepares them for outstanding careers.

Anna Nagurney
Eugene M. Isenberg Chair in Integrative Studies and Ph.D. Coordinator in Operations Management

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Academic Overview

Students are admitted for Fall semesters and receive an assistantship that is continued over five academic years (including their first four summers) subject to good academic standing and progress. Students complete forty-five credits of course work, in addition to a 3-credit teaching course. Students must successfully complete four examinations: the Core Exam, the Comprehensive Exam, the Dissertation Proposal Defense, and the Dissertation Defense.

Degree Timeline

YEAR 1: Coursework and Core Exam

YEAR 2: Coursework and Comprehensive Exam.

YEAR 3: Development of dissertation proposal and Teaching

YEAR 4-5: Dissertation research, teaching and dissertation final defense.

Operations Management Doctoral Candidates

Operations Management Doctoral Candidates