Alexis David ’24, who is from Westwood, Mass., is double-majoring in finance at Isenberg and fashion marketing and merchandising through BDIC. She plans to graduate next fall, and is also pursuing cer
Alexis David

Alexis David ’24, who is from Westwood, Mass., is double-majoring in finance at Isenberg and fashion marketing and merchandising through BDIC. She plans to graduate next fall, and is also pursuing certificates in real estate and data analytics. David spoke with Isenberg social media intern Chloe Truong.

How did you choose your majors?

Before attending UMass, I was deciding between marketing and finance, but then decided to go with finance as I found those classes increased my strategic thinking skills, which would create a strong foundation in any career. I heard about the BDIC program from a senior through an interview assignment in my Transitions class, and I decided to add a major in fashion marketing and merchandising. My academic and club experience within Isenberg have led me to a summer internship in the fast-paced finance industry.

Tell us a little about your future goals, and how your experience at Isenberg is helping you reach them.

I am extremely excited to share that I will be joining The RMR Group as an analyst intern this summer! As an analyst in the Isenberg Real Estate Advisors, a student-run group that consults with developers and investors, I am responsible for conducting market research and analyzing both commercial and residential properties using financial and economic data. In addition to value-add consulting to public and private entities, I perform mock acquisition pitches where I choose a property, perform market research, model out financials including a pro forma and equity waterfall, and present my real estate investment strategy to alumni and professors. Prior to the position, I was selected for the Women Development Program which built my foundation in the industry. Last semester, I planned the 4th Annual Alumni Conference alongside two other members to ensure over one hundred alumni were present as well as an impressive and comprehensive presentation for recruiting companies in attendance.

Additionally, this previous summer I served as a merchandising intern at the TJX Companies, specifically with the e-commerce team. This experience further enhanced my abilities to think critically, conduct research, write reports, and effectively communicate my opinions to increase profitability and liquidity within the company. Outside of the traditional merchandising internship role, I spearheaded a presentation on voids in the inclusivity and diversity strategy within the Global Exploratory Committee. Despite the current economic situation, retailers that target the overlooked demographics are increasing their sales and their social responsibility. This opportunity further strengthened my teamwork, time management, Excel, and PowerPoint skills, involving a great deal of research, increasing my knowledge on diverse audiences. My initiative and desire to take on more responsibility than given in my assigned role inspired my interest to work in a highly quantitative and analytically demanding finance environment that has a real impact on society.

How does the curriculum for your Isenberg major support your wider interests and plans?

The real estate and data analytics certifications provide resources that will allow me to be successful in any industry I would like without restricting me to one certain occupation.

What has been your favorite Isenberg class so far?

Professor Jeff Clark’s Principles of Real Estate 333 altered my future goals and proved that the finance industry is much more than the intangible.

Do you want to pursue any other interest and what is your plan for it?

I have loved studying abroad so I am planning to take international finance, as I would love to have the flexibility to travel post-graduation and have a larger impact on the world.

Have you had any challenges in finding a suitable curriculum?

Yes. I wish I had taken the introductory courses (OIM301, FIN301, etc.) earlier on during my time at Isenberg, and I also wish I was aware of the other paths people have taken. Next semester, I will be diving further into the finance curriculum and I was overwhelmed while choosing which specific track to go into and what courses to take.

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