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Isenberg Global Citizens, is an award program within the Isenberg Undergraduate Programs Office that encourages business students to give back to the communities in which they live and learn.

The program strives to maximize the positive impact of Isenberg students by providing service opportunities, coordinating fundraising events, and tracking candidate progress over the course of their undergraduate career. Together, they have contributed more than 20,000 hours of service and are continuing to drive positive change both on our campus and around the world.

Earning the Award, Easy as 1-2-3

Earning the Award, Easy as 1-2-3
1 - Enroll

If you are a new member (have not yet logged service hours), please fill out the Candidate Registration Form! This form will register you for our mailing list and provide you with service opportunities to progress you towards earning the award. Please refer to our Requirements Form to gain more in-depth details about the award.

2 - Volunteer

Get Involved! Your service hours can be for any non-profit organization and is NOT limited to the Amherst area. These hours MUST be completed during your time as an undergraduate student but can be from school, home, internships, service trips, organization events, etc. Global Citizens has many partnered organizations in the local area with recurring service opportunities and can be seen here.

3 - Log Your Hours

To receive credit for your service hours, you must complete the Hour Logging Form. Candidates with 100 Service hours at the end of their undergraduate career will earn the Global Citizens Award of Outstanding Citizenship upon graduation!

Hours can be inputted retroactively, however ensure that all information is accurate as it will be verified.

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Global Citizens Council

Global Citizens Council

The Global Citizens Council is the student advisory board that is responsible for facilitating the Global Citizens Award. The Council consists of hardworking students committed to making a difference in the community and inspiring other Isenberg students to do the same. The functions of the Council include supporting candidates in their pursuit of the award, building relationships with non-profit organizations, coordinating service events, promoting the mission, and engaging Isenberg at large.

Global Citizens Leadership TeamLearn more about the leadership members here.


The Isenberg Global Citizens Program connects business students with their community and recognizes them for their commitment to both service and integrity. Through continuous volunteering, young professionals are exposed to non-profit organizations and the principles of corporate social responsibility well before starting their careers.

Candidates of the program enjoy numerous benefits which include earning a credential for their resume, joining a tight-knit network of other Candidates, building team and leadership skills, creating powerful experiences for recruiting and taking pride in helping their communities. Over the past several years the organization has grown rapidly with over 350 candidates and a total of over 20,000 hours of service.

In addition, Global Citizens has partnered with dozens of local non-profits for students to easily access the non-profit opportunities in the local Amherst and Pioneer Valley community.

In order to receive the Global Citizens Award, a candidate must be a student in the Isenberg School of Management at graduation and complete the requirements presented here.

south africa internship
International Internship in Service Leadership

International Internship in Service Leadership

Join Isenberg Global Citizens students on an international internship to South Africa, including 10 or 14-days in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kruger National Park, Pretoria and Soweto. Gain skills in service leadership, consulting, fundraising and teaching. Meet local South African communities and make a positive contribution by donating computers, teaching computer skills and volunteering at local orphanages. Earn 30 hours towards the Global Citizens award. 

International Internship: Service LeadershipLearn more

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Isenberg Global Citizens is a program supported by the Undergraduate Programs Office at Isenberg.