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The Sport Management Course Override Request Form is for students to request a Sport Management course that they cannot register for on SPIRE.

An explanation box is provided on the form for students to explain why they need the course and why SPIRE is not allowing to register. These requests will be accommodated only under extenuating circumstances. Read the instructions below carefully.


Sport Management Course Override Request Form Instructions

  • This form is used to submit an override request for Sport Management Courses only. If the course you want to take is not listed on the form, please see the instructor for override permission.

  • Non-Isenberg, UMass student applicants to the Sport Management program should use the Sport Management override request form only for SPORTMGT 200, 202, or 210.

  • Current, Non-Isenberg, UMass students wanting to enroll in other sport management courses should submit an Isenberg Course Override request here.

  • BDIC students should submit a Course Request found at this link

  • Five College students should email the Isenberg Undergraduate Programs Office at with the course information they are requesting enrollment for.

  • Appropriate students should use this form only if Sport Management course prerequisites are met: 

    • Example 1:  you have the correct credit standing (i.e., junior, senior) and you meet all prerequisites; SPIRE does not recognize your eligibility and is not allowing you to enroll in the course. 

    • Example 2: you transferred a course from another school to UMass, but SPIRE doesn’t recognize it as the equivalent prerequisite for enrollment.  If you are getting a red "X" when you try to enroll in the course, read the error message SPIRE gives you. There may be prerequisites you have not met, or you are unable to enroll for an unrelated reason.

  • Course override requests are reviewed at the end of the semester and continue until the beginning of the next semester. You will be notified via your UMass student email address if you have been enrolled in the course or if we are not able to accommodate your request. Please check your UMass email regularly. Sport Management course override requests for SPORTMGT 200, 202, 210, and 494PI are reviewed by the Undergraduate Programs Office.  All other Sport Management courses are reviewed and processed by the Sport Management department.


The Sport Management override form is now closed.