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The form is for students to request a Finance course that they themselves cannot register for on SPIRE.

An explanation box is provided on the form for students to explain why they need the course and why SPIRE is not allowing registration. These requests will be accommodated only under extenuating circumstances. Read the instructions below carefully.

Finance Course Override Request Form Instructions

  • This form is used to submit an override request for all Undergraduate Finance courses only.  With the exception of FIN 301 & SCH-MGMT 508 (please contact the Undergraduate Office, Meg Smith, with regards to FIN 301;  Please contact Professor Mila Sherman with regards to SCH-MGMT 508).
  • BDIC Students:  As a BDIC student, or a prospective BDIC student, you must submit an “Isenberg Wish List Request” available here The Isenberg Undergraduate Programs Office will follow up with you regarding the status of your request via your UMass student email.  It is important to note that BDIC majors may include a maximum of four courses (301 and higher) from the Isenberg School of Management in their BDIC program.  If you have any questions, please contact the BDIC Office at 413-545-2504 or
  • Students should use this form only if the course prerequisites are met. For example, you are in the appropriate class (i.e. junior, senior) and you have met all required prerequisites, but SPIRE is failing to recognize your eligibility and is not allowing you to enroll in the course.  Another example is that you transferred a course into UMass Amherst from another school and SPIRE does not recognize the transferred course as the equivalent of a prerequisite required for enrollment. If you are getting a red "X" when you try to enroll in the course, read the error message SPIRE gives you. Perhaps these are prerequisites you do not meet or you are unable to enroll for a reason unrelated to meeting prerequisites.
  • Course override requests are reviewed at the end of the semester and continue until the beginning of next semester. You will be notified if you have been placed in the course or if we are not able to accommodate your request for the upcoming semester via email. Please check your UMass email regularly for notification.
  • Finance Course Override Requests are reviewed and processed by the Finance Department.

Click here to access the Finance course override form.