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The Credit Overload Request Form is used by Isenberg undergraduate students to request an increase in their credit limit for the fall and/or spring semester or when choosing to take courses in the winter or summer sessions.

Students must have at least one semester completed at UMass Amherst and have an established GPA to be eligible.  You should give careful consideration to the course load you are proposing to enroll in.

You will need to apply for a credit overload request if you wish to enroll in:            

  • more than 19 credits in Fall/Spring semester         
  • more than 8 credits in the Winter session                              
  • more than 8 credits in Summer session I and more than 8 credits in Summer session II or more than a combined total of 16 credits between both Summer sessions I and II

Once the form is completed and submitted online, it will be reviewed by the Isenberg Undergraduate Programs Office.  Decisions about requests will be sent to your UMass Amherst student e-mail.  Credit limits are only allowed to be increased once all students have had the opportunity to register for the upcoming semester.

Credit Overload Request Form