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The PhD program in Organization Studies is designed for individuals who are interested in understanding and researching the changing dynamics of organizations in contemporary society.

From studying the meanings and conditions of work and employment relations to exploring leadership, gender and diversity, students seek to understand the processes of organizational change. Our program fosters innovative thinking and takes an integrative approach to issues commonly addressed across the fields of organizational behavior, human resource management, and organization theory.

Message from the Coordinator


Our program provides students with strong grounding in organization and management studies, as well as in the current developments and controversies surrounding organizations and their management. Our goal is to develop outstanding researchers who make substantive contributions to scholarship and to place them in research institutions. 

The doctoral program is successful because it offers:

  • World-class faculty who are active researchers with visibility in the field’s top journals
  • Cooperative and stimulating intellectual climate that supports individual scholarly development
  • Individual attention from faculty that allows students to collaborate with faculty
  • Rigorous coursework that equips students with the intellectual tools to investigate meaningful questions
  • Exposure to eminent research faculty from around the world for research talks and campus visits

We welcome applications from intellectually curious, academically oriented individuals.

Giuseppe Labianca
Berthiaume Chaired Professor of Leadership

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Academic Overview

Students generally complete a PhD in Organization Studies within 4-5 years. Students must take 45 credits of coursework, building foundational knowledge in Organization Studies and Research Methods before taking advanced courses. The program includes a summer paper and first year portfolio, a colloquium, a comprehensive examination, a 2-year teaching requirement and a dissertation.


Sample of our required organization studies courses:

  • Conceptual Found. of Org. Behavior & Theory
  • Statistical Inference I
  • Research Methods
  • Organization & Admin. Theory
  • Qualitative Research 
  • Theory & Research in Organization Behavior

Prior electives have included seminars on leadership and empowerment and international organizational behavior; other electives or independent studies are offered depending on faculty availability and student interest.

Degree Timeline

YEAR 1: Coursework, including foundational courses; Summer paper; Colloquium; First Year Portfolio

YEAR 2: Coursework, including core courses, research electives and minor area courses; Colloquium; Comprehensive exam

YEAR 3: Additional coursework as needed; Development of dissertation proposal; Teaching

YEAR 4: Dissertation; Teaching

Organization Studies Doctoral Candidates

Organization Studies Doctoral Candidates