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4+1 Admissions Process

4+1 Admissions Process

4+1 Options & Deadlines

4+1 Options & Deadlines

4+1 Application Requirements


All prospective students must complete a University of Massachusetts Amherst Graduate School Graduate Admissions Online Application. An application fee is not required for current UMass or 5-College students.  

Work experience is not a requirement for admission but will enhance your application. Your resume should outline your work history. Recent college graduates should include any internship experience, as well as community service, student and civic club membership, and athletics.

Personal Statement
A personal essay should be one to two pages in length and include information about your past and current academic and professional history, your future goals and reasons for pursuing the degree, and other pertinent details that will help us evaluate you as a candidate.

Letters of Recommendation (2)
Your two letters of recommendation should be from individuals who know you well enough to provide specific examples and details regarding your past performance and competencies. One academic and one professional reference is acceptable. Please put their email address in the application portal, they will receive an email asking them to submit a letter on your behalf.

Current UMass students are not required to submit a transcript.

Note: Accelerated Option
If you want to take classes in your senior year, please select "yes" when asked "Are you applying to an accelerated 4+1?" within the program selection section. Additionally, you should input the enrollment term AFTER you graduate from undergrad, when you would officially enroll as a Graduate level student. For example: Summer 2026, even if you wish to start accelerating during spring 2026.

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Apply Now

Apply Now

Follow our step-by-step process to complete your online application.

  1. Review the program specific admissions requirements.
  2. Click Apply Now to go to the University's Graduate School site where you can find a link to the secure online application.
  3. First-time users will need to create an account to start a new application. Note: You can submit your application before you have all your materials ready, simply save and resume your application as you gather required materials.
  4. After submitting, track your application at the Graduate School Status of Application page.
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