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Monideepa Tarafdar

Charles J. Dockendorff Endowed Professor and PhD Coordinator in Information Systems

Operations & Information Management


Ph.D. (Major MIS, Minor Strategic Management), Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, India

Recent Honors / Awards

Best Paper Runner-up Award, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 2023
Provost's Interdisciplinary Research Grant, 2023
Research Excellence Award, Isenberg School of Management, 2023
Association for Information Systems (AIS) Best Publication Award 2022: Association for Information Systems, 2022
Information Systems Research 2022 Runner up Award for Best paper published in 2021: Information Systems Research-INFORMS Information Systems Research, 2022
European Conference on Information Systems Runner up Award for Best Research-in-Progress Paper: European Conference on Information Systems, 2022
Research Excellence Award, Isenberg School of Management, 2022
University of Massachusetts Amherst Spotlight Scholar, 2022
Association of Information Systems Doctoral Student College Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award, 2021
Keynote Address: 12th Workshop on the Changing Nature of Work (CNOW), Austin, December 2021
Keynote Address: Symposium on ‘Instruments for measuring psychosocial/physical stress and strain in the context of digitalization’ at the 56th Annual Conference for the German Society for Social Medicine and Prevention, September 2021
Distinguished Member Cum Laude, Association of Information Systems, 2019
Reviewer Hall of Fame, Journal of the Association of Information Systems, 2019
Keynote Address: Scandinavian Conference on Information Systems, Tampere: Information Systems for a Responsible World, August 2019
Keynote Address: OR60 Conference, UK: Artificial Intelligence: Crystal Ball or Mirror?, September 2018
Annual Best Paper Award, Decision Sciences Journal, Decisions Sciences Institute, 2017
Dean’s Research Award, Lancaster University Management School, 2017
Outstanding Research Award, University of Toledo, 2007 and 2011
Graduate Teaching Award, University of Toledo, 2009

Professional Experience

Scientific Advisor, Unplug, Dublin, Ireland, 2017-present

Academic Appointments

Charles J. Dockendorff Endowed Professor of Information Systems, Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst, January 2021- present
Professor, Lancaster University (Management School), United Kingdom, 2013-2021
Professor, University of Toledo, Ohio, 2012-2013
Associate Professor, University of Toledo, Ohio, 2007-2012
Assistant Professor, University of Toledo, Ohio, 2003-2007

Other Academic Appointments

Visiting Scholar, The London School of Economics and Political Science, 2023
Senior Fellow, Wiezenbaum Internet Institute, Berlin, 2019
Leverhulme Research Fellow, United Kingdom, 2017-2018
Visiting Scholar, MIT Sloan School Center for Information Systems Research, 2016-2018
Co-Director, Highwire Doctoral Training Program (EPSRC-funded), Lancaster University, 2014-2019
Visiting Professor, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, India, 2007-2018

Research Interests

AI Bias, Transparency, and Fairness
Gig Work and Algorithmic Control
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Through Information Systems
Cognitive and Affective Well-Being (Stress, Coping, Affect) and Information Systems
Societal Impacts of Social Media
Healthcare Information Systems
Supply Chains and Information Systems
Intellectual Diversity in the Information Systems Discipline

Teaching Interests

  • Digital innovation and strategy
  • Strategic and organizational aspects of data analytics/AI/algorithms
  • Dark side of information technology

Selected Publications

Pinski, M., Tarafdar, M., Benlian, A., Why executives cannot get comfortable with AI, MIT Sloan Management Review, April 2024,

Tarafdar, M., Stich, J-F., Maier, C., Laumer, S.,Techno-eustress creators: Conceptualization and empirical validation, Information Systems Journal, forthcoming

Mattern, J., Tarafdar, M., Klein, S., and Schellhammer, S., Thriving in a bruising job: How high achieving IT professionals can cope with occupational demands, Information Systems Journal, forthcoming 

Tarafdar, M., Rets, I., Hu, Y., Can ICT Enhance Workplace Inclusion? ICT-Enabled Workplace Inclusion Practices and a New Agenda for Inclusion Research in Information Systems, Journal of Strategic Information Systems June, 2023

Tarafdar, M., Page, X., Marabelli, M. Algorithms as Co-workers: Human-Algorithm Role Interactions in Algorithmic Work, Information Systems Journal, 33,2, 2023.

Tarafdar, M., Shan. G., Thatcher, J., and Gupta, A., Intellectual Diversity in IS Research: Discipline-Based Conceptualization and an Illustration from Information Systems Research, forthcoming in Information Systems Research, 33, 4, December 2022, 1119-1516. [Featured Article for Information Systems Research]

Cram, A., Wiener, M., Tarafdar, M., Benlian, A., Algorithmic Control and Technostress experienced by Uber Drivers, Journal of MIS, 39, 2, 2022.

Tarafdar, M., and Saunders, C., Remote, Mobile and Blue Collar: ICT enabled job crafting to elevate occupational wellbeing, Journal of the AIS, 23, 3, 2022. 

Tarafdar, M. and Ray., D.K., Role of Social Media in Social Protest Cycles: A Sociomaterial Examination, Information Systems Research, 23, 3, September, 2021, 675-1097.

Maier, C., Laumer, S., Tarafdar, M., Mattke, J., Reis, L., and Weitzel, T., Challenge and hindrance IS use stressors and appraisals: Explaining contrarian associations in post-acceptance IS use behavior, Journal of the AIS, 22, 6, 2021.

Fernandez, A., Tarafdar, M., Spring, M., Information Technology Use in Temporary Organizations: The Case of the 2016 Olympic Games, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, forthcoming 2021 

Tarafdar, M., Maier, C., Laumer, S., and Weitzel, T., Explaining the link between technostress and technology addiction in social networking site, Information Systems Journal, 20, Issue 1, 2020.  

Pirkkalainen, H., Salo, M., Tarafdar, M., and Makkonen, M., Deliberate or Instinctive? Proactive and Reactive Coping with Technostress, Journal of MIS, October 2019. 

Tarafdar, M., Beath, C.M., and Ross, J., Using AI to enhance business operations, MIT Sloan Management Review, June, 2019 

Stich, J., Tarafdar, M., Stacey, P., and Cooper, C.L. Appraisal of Workplace Stress from Email Use: A Person-Environment Fit Approach, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 20, Issue 2, Article 2, March 2019. 

Tarafdar, M., Cooper, C.L., Stich, J. The technostress trifecta - techno eustress, techno distress and design: Theoretical directions and an agenda for research, Information Systems Journal, 30, 1, 2019  

Tarafdar, M., and Tanriverdi, H. Impact of the Information Technology Unit on Information Technology - Embedded Product Innovation, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 19, 8, Article 2, September 2018