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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Mantek Singh Bhatia

Operations & Information Management


MBA in BI/MIS, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, 2020
M.S. in Computer Science, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, 2018

Professional Experience

IT Analyst Intern, First Solar Inc., 2019-2020
QA Analyst Intern, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, 2018-2019
Software Engineer Intern, Air India, New Delhi, India, 2015

Academic Appointments

Adjunct Professor, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, 2020-2021
Research Scholar, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, 2020-2021
Graduate Lab Instructor, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, 2019-2020

Honors & Awards

Nominee, Winifred O. Stone Graduate Student Award, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, 2019

Research Interests

Inter-Disciplinary Studies
Computational Social Science
Social and Cultural Aspects of Communication/Information Technologies
Science, Technology, and Society
Socio-Cultural, Economic, and Ethical Implications of Information in Society
Social Informatics
Data Science, Analytics, and Visualization
Psychoanalytic Perception/Perspective Studies

Teaching Interests

  • Business Information Systems and Analytics
  • Introduction to IS
  • Database Management

Selected Publications

E. McKinney, B. Niese, M.S. Bhatia. “Active Learning in the IS Classroom: A Student Crowdpolling Exercise.”, Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE). [In Review]

E. McKinney, M.S. Bhatia, Q. Meng. “Ambiguity in Data Visualizations: Finding an Answer When the Answer is Expected.” [Upcoming]

M. S. Bhatia and A. Jaiswal, "Empirical analysis of data acquisition techniques: PAPI vs. CAPI," 2016 6th International Conference - Cloud System and Big Data Engineering (Confluence), Noida, 2016, pp. 326-330.

S. S. Chawla, S. Aggarwal, N. Goel and M. S. Bhatia, "Design and implementation of a power and speed efficient carry select adder on FPGA," 2016 3rd International Conference on Computing for Sustainable Global Development (INDIACom), New Delhi, 2016, pp. 571-576.