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George Milne

Associate Dean of Research and PhD Programs & Edward D. Shirley ‘78 Endowed Professor of Marketing



PhD, Marketing, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, 1990
MA, Economics, University of Utah, 1984
BS, (Magna Cum Laude) Economics, University of Utah, 1982

Academic Appointments

Associate Dean of Research, Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 7/2018-Present
Director, PhD Program, Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 9/2013-7/2018
Professor of Marketing, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 9/2010-Present
Associate Professor of Marketing, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 7/1996-8/2010
Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 9/1992-6/1996
Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 7/1990-6/1992
Visiting Erskine Fellow in Management, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, 2001
Adjunct Associate Professor of Sport Studies, UMass Amherst, 1996-1997

Recent Honors / Awards

Thomas Kinnear Award for Outstanding Article in Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 2019
Journal of Consumer Affairs Best Paper Award, 2019
College Outstanding Research Award, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2008-2009, 2016-2017
Best Reviewer Award, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 2014

Research Interests

Social media marketing
Online privacy, technology and public policy
Mindfulness and consumer well-being
Digital health care marketing

Teaching Interests

  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Management
  • Consumer privacy protection and management
  • Mindful marketing and consumption

Selected Publications

Swani, Kunal and George R. Milne (2021), Impact of Unmet Privacy Expectations across Information, Time, and Space: Evidence from Four Countries, Journal of Interactive Marketing.

Swani, Kunal, George R. Milne, Alec Slepchuk (2021), “Revisiting Trust and Privacy Concern in Consumers’ Perceptions of Marketing Information Management Practices: Replication and Extension”, Journal of Interactive Marketing.]

Milne, George R., Begum Kaplan, Kristen L. Walker, Larry Zacharias (2021), Connecting with the Future: The Role of Science Fiction Movies in Helping Consumers Understand Privacy-Technology Trade-offs, Journal of Consumer Affairs. []

Dahl, Andrew, George R. Milne, James Peltier (2021), Digital health information seeking in an omni-channel environment: A shared decision-making and service-dominant logic perspective, Journal of Business Research 125, 840-850. []

Yuksel, Mujde, Andrew N. Smith, George R. Milne (2021), “Fantasy Sports and Beyond: Complementary Digital Experiences (CDXs) as Innovations for Enhancing Fan Experience”, Journal of Business Research. 134, 143-155.

Ross, Spencer and George R. Milne (2020), “Price? Quality? Or Sustainability? Segmenting by Disposition toward Self-Other Tradeoffs Predicts Consumers’ Sustainable Decision-Making,” Journal of Business Ethics

Helberger, Natali, Jisu Huh, George R. Milne, Joanna Strycharz, and Hari Sundaram (2020), “Macro and Exogenous Factors in Computational Advertising: Key Issues and New Research Directions, Journal of Advertising, 377-393,

Walker, Kristen L, George R. Milne, Bruce D. Weinberg (2019), “Introduction to the Special Issue: Optimizing the Future of Innovative Technologies and Infinite Data,” Journal of Public Policy and Marketing 38(4), 403-413

Swani, Kunal, George R. Milne, Elizabeth G. Miller (2019), Social Media Services Branding: The use of Corporate Brand Names, Journal of Business Research, [].

Pettinico, George, George R. Milne, Elizabeth G. Miller (2020), “Quantification of Self in Third-Party-Administered Wellness Programs: The Impact of Perceived Self-Empowerment,” Journal of Consumer Affairs 54:1, 159-176. []

Markos, Ereni, Lauren Labrecque, George R. Milne (2018), A New Information Lens: The Self-Concept and Exchange Context as a Means to Understand Information Sensitivity of Anonymous and Personal Identifying Information, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 42 (May), 46-62. []

Dahl, Andrew, James W. Peltier, George R. Milne (2018), “Development of a Value Cocreation Wellness Model: The Role of Physicians and Digital Information Seeking on Health Behaviors and Health Outcomes, “Journal of Consumer Affairs. [],  Awarded Best paper in JCA for 2018.