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Anya Mkrtchyan

Judith Wilkinson O’Connell Faculty Fellow, Associate Professor



PhD in Finance, Penn State University, 2013
MBA in Finance, Vanderbilt University, 2006

Research Interests

Corporate finance
Corporate governance

Selected Publications

"What do outside CEOs really do? Evidence from plant-level data,” with John Bai, 2023, Journal of Financial Economics 147, 27-48.

“Internal governance and outside directors’ connections to non-director executives,” with Udi Hoitash, 2022, Journal of Accounting and Economics 73, 101436.

“Recruiting the CEO from the board: Determinants and consequences,” with Udi Hoitash, 2018, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 53, 1261–1295.

“The effect of director experience on acquisition performance,” with Laura Field, 2017, Journal of Financial Economics 123, 488–511.

“Are busy boards detrimental?” with Laura Field and Michelle Lowry, 2013, Journal of Financial Economics 109, 63–82.