Name: Christina Calvaneso Position: Senior Vice President of Finance & Business OperationsCompany: Eyeview Video New York, NYProgram: UndergraduateMajor: Operations Management“When I was a st

Name: Christina Calvaneso 

Position: Senior Vice President of Finance & Business Operations

Company: Eyeview Video New York, NY

Program: Undergraduate

Major: Operations Management

“When I was a student I thought that if you could make it in a big place like UMass, you could make it anywhere,” remarks Isenberg Finance & Operations Management graduate Christina Calvaneso ’03, who is Senior Vice President of Finance & Business Operations with Eyeview Video, a market leader in personalized video. “After graduation, I discovered that working hard wasn't enough," she confesses. “I needed to understand organization politics, generation gaps, and how to promote myself.”

“I realized,” she continues, “that I had gotten my best advice from Isenberg mentors. So I came back to mentor. I took phone calls from students, and I offered advice through emails. A 15-minute phone conversation from a mentor to a student can make a huge difference," she emphasizes.

Calvaneso has a lot to give. In her current role, she oversees her company’s financial strategy, planning, and operations. Before Eyeview, at Criteo, a global leader in online advertising, she led the company’s global finance team through triple digit growth and a $2 billion IPO. Christina also directed finance and strategy for Rent the Runway, an ecommerce startup for designer clothing rentals.

Christina began her career in the corporate world. After graduating from Isenberg, she joined General Electric’s Financial Management and Audit Staff programs. Then, she managed multi-million-dollar engagements at Deloitte Consulting for Fortune 50 clients.

No one who knew Christina as a student would be surprised with her performance as a professional. Graduating summa cum laude, she was one of 11 seniors on campus to receive a university-wide 21st Century 21 Award, a Best and Brightest honor for future leaders. She was a teaching assistant in Isenberg’s introductory statistics course, a rare undergraduate research assistant in the school’s Virtual Center for Supernetworks, and president of the school’s Undergraduate Leadership Council, U-LEAD. She also did consulting for three student campus businesses, including Eatrthfoods and People’s Market.

Little wonder then, to see Christina reemerge among the Isenberg community last summer as the second annual recipient of its prestigious Young Alumni Award.