Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management at Isenberg


Interactive Online Training for Sport Management Professionals and Students


Education the cornerstone of everything we do at the McCormack Center. We produce and communicate knowledge in the industry through educational webinars and training programs. Sport Management is a very specialized field in which expertise is rare. Our educational programs help fill that gap by cutting through the showy veneer of the industry and assisting individuals in focusing on the important issues.


Our webinar series brings important industry topics and discussions to a wide audience and are available for purchase even after their original airing. The webinars are ideal for training and educating sport management industry professionals. They allow for shared applications and collaboration on hot industry topics, and allow the Center to deliver interactive online training. Past webinars and presenters have included:


  • Social Media and Sport (Brian Bracey, McCormack Sport Management Department)
  • Integration of Sales & Marketing in Professional Sports (Steve McKelvey, McCormack Sport Management Department and Bill Sutton, University of Central Florida)
  • Ambush Marketing: Olympic Games (Steve McKelvey, McCormack Sport Management Department)
  • Gender Dynamics in College Sports (Nefertiti Walker, McCormack Sport Management Department)
  • Selling Sports Sponsorships During Recessionary Times (Ted Dalton, Boston Celtic)
  • Olympic Sponsorship (Rick Burton, Syracuse University)


Get Involved


There are opportunities to get involved with the McCormack Center for Sport Research & Education. Contact us if:


  • Your organization is interested in hiring the Center
  • You would like to be a presenter or participant in a webinar
  • You would like to be a part of training
  • You would like to donate to the Center and enhance our research capabilities


If you would like to participate in any of these ways, please contact Tracy Schoenadel at or at (413) 545-5590.