Incoming ClassThis fall we were joined by 14 new talented PhD students (7 men, 7 women) from China, India, Iran, Russia, Vietnam and the US.   Below is a listing of the students, their area, and their

Incoming Class

This fall we were joined by 14 new talented PhD students (7 men, 7 women) from China, India, Iran, Russia, Vietnam and the US.   Below is a listing of the students, their area, and their country or state of origin.


Conner Blake

Virginia, USA


Cody Lu

Massachusetts, USA


Anshuang Fu



Haoran Hu



Raju Gholap



Adiyukh Berbekova



Danni Wang



Alec Slepchuk

Massachusetts, USA


Hossein Bahramani Hashemi


Management Science

Wei Wei


Info Systems

Long Nguyen


Organization Studies

Ashley Hockensmith

Tennessee, USA

Organization Studies

Emily Poulton

North Carolina, USA

Strategic Management

Youstina Masoud

California, USA

Fall Social Activities


Our fall social, which was well attended by students and faculty was held at the Hanger in Amherst. Besides the best wings in the valley and the opportunity to sample local favorite IPAs such as Jesse and Juliette, students received the 2018 "Driven to Publish" tee shirt.


This fall we introduced our first ever movie night.  Complete with fresh popcorn from the fancy popcorn cart run by Mike, we screened "The PhD Movie".   We were left to contemplate, was this hyperbole or a harbinger of things to come? Or perhaps the point of view that this was understated and that truth is stranger than fiction?


Accounting PhD 2017 graduate, Mary F. Dodgson (Northeastern University) won the best dissertation award for, “Navigating the Auditor-Client Relationship During Sensitive Events: Insight on Audit Firm Practices and an Experimental Study.”  Chairs: Christopher Agoglia and Bradley Bennett

This fall 5th year marketing student, Kaeun Kim, achieved 1st place in the 2018 Marketing Management Association Outstanding Teacher-Scholar Doctoral Student Competition.  The $1000 prize should come in handy.

Second and First year HTM students,  Akshaya Pawar and Raju Gholap, along with their advisor Atul Sheel, earned the best student research paper for iAHFME award "Effect of Degree of Operating Leverage on Value Premiums of Lodging Firms.”

Second year strategic management student, Howard Jean Denis, received a best paper award for his manuscript titled "Expatriate Cognition and Firm Performance" at the Academy of International Business Conference.

Pritha Dutta has been appointed Co-Editor of OR/MS Tomorrow,  the student membership magazine for INFORMS (The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences):

The UMass Amherst INFORMS Student Chapter was selected to receive the Cum Laude Award from INFORMS at its Annual Meeting, November 4-7, 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona. Chapter officers last year included: Deniz Besik, President; Mojtaba Salarpour, Communication Director, and Emre Eryigit, Event Coordinator. This is the twelfth consecutive annual award that the Chapter has received from its parent society. More information on the Chapter is available at:

Journal Acceptances/Publications in 2018

Anna Nagurney, Deniz Besik, and Min Yu, Chaos 28: (2018), 043124: "Dynamics of Quality as a Strategic Variable in Complex Food Supply Chain Network Competition: The Case of Fresh Produce," This article was an Editor's Pick and was featured on the journal's homepage of its website.

Anna Nagurney and Pritha Dutta, (2018) "Supply Chain Network Competition Among Blood Service Organizations: A Generalized Nash Equilibrium Framework," Annals of Operations Research (2018):

Anna Nagurney and Pritha Dutta, "Competition for Blood Donations,"  (2018)  Omega:

Bruce C. Skaggs, Charles C.  Manz, Matt Lyle and C.l. Pierce, 2018. On the folly on punishing A while rewarding A: Exploring punishment in organizations. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 39(6): 812-815. 

B Do, Matt C.B. Lyle,., and Ian J. Walsh, 2018. Driving down memory lane: The influence of memories in a community following organizational demise. Organization Studies. DOI:10.1177/0170840618765573

Kaeun Kim, George R. Milne, and Shalini Bahl (2018), "Smart Phone Addiction and Mindfulness: An Intergenerational Comparison," International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, 12(1), 25-43.

Matt Katz, Nef A. Walker, and  Lauren C. Hindman. (2018). Gendered leadership networks in the NCAA: Analyzing affiliation networks of Senior Woman Administrators and Athletic Directors. Journal of Sport Management, 32(2), 135-149.

Ovi C. Cocieru, Elizabeth B. Delia, and Matt Katz (2018). It's our club! From supporter psychological ownership to supporter formal ownership. Sport Management Review.

Proceedings, Book Chapters, and Doctoral Consortiums

Amber G. Young, A. G., Ari Wigdor, G. C. Kane, G. C. 2018. "Theorizing Human and Bot Co-production Effects on Information Quality," in Proceedings of the Thirty-ninth International Conference on Information Systems, San Francisco, CA.

Lauren C. Hindman, Aaron Mansfield, and Elizabeth B. Delia,  (2018). Enhancing team spirit? The role of professional cheerleading and dance squads in team identification. Paper presented at the North American Society for Sport Management, Halifax, NS.

Lauren C. Hindman, Nef A. Walker, and Elizabeth E. Melton  (2018). Gendered evaluations of sport domain knowledge and expertise: Impacts on the hiring process for male and female job candidates. Paper presented at the North American Society for Sport Management, Halifax, NS.

Kaeun Kim attended the 2018 American Marketing Association Sheth Doctoral Consortium Fellow, University of Leeds, UK

Mangaliso, M. P., Souza-Monteiro, D., & Jean-Denis, H. (2018, November). Uncertainty and asymmetric information: Impact for credence inputs on firm competitiveness. In S. Ostrom (Ed.), Proceedings of the 49th Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute (pp. 1787-1800). Houston, TX: Decision Sciences Institute.

Mangaliso, M. P., Mangaliso, N. A., Knipes, B. J., Jean-Denis, H., & Ndanga, L. Z. B. (2018). Ubuntu as essential inspiration for more humanistic organizational management. In F. Ovadje, & S. Aryee (Eds.), Routledge Handbook of Organizational Change in Africa (pp. 80-101). London, UK: Routledge Publishing.

Pritha Dutta was selected for the 2018 INFORMS Doctoral Student Colloquium in Phoenix, November 2-3, 2018: Also, she was selected for CHOW, the second Canadian Healthcare Optimization Workshop, in Halifax, Canada, June 6, 2018; Canadian

Recent Dissertation Defenses

Jin Sun Ahn “Do narcissistic CEOs really care about corporate social responsibility? The moderating role of outside board of directors”

Amirhossein Alamdar Yazdi “The Linkages Among Market Structure, Market Conduct, and Service Quality: Analysis of the U.S. Domestic Airline Industry”

Yueran Zhou “Managing Information Security Investments Under Uncertainty: Optimal Policies for Technology Investment and Information Sharing”

Seray Ergene “Rethinking ‘Sustainability’: Management and Organization Theorizing for A-More-Than-Human World”

James Forest “Essays in Financial Economics: Announcement Effects in Fixed Income Markets” 

Mohammad Reihaneh “Integrated Routing Models for Enhanced Product and Service Delivery”

Shaoling (Katee) Zhang “Managing Traditional Pipeline and Platform Innovation”

Recent Dissertation Proposals

Ovidiu Cocieru “Student Relationships and Their Implications in the Classroom-As-Organization: A Multi-Study Examination”

Begum Oz “The Awesomeness of Awe: The Effects of Awe on Consumers’ Negative Consumption Experiences”

Kaeun Kim “Embodied Location Effects: Affecting Consumer Product Attributions Through Location-Concept Associations”

Fei Fang “Three Essays on Empirical Asset Pricing”

Florence Hu “Three Essays on Hedge Funds Governance, Operational Risk and Investment Activities”

Nikki Mackenzie “The Power of Small Talk: How Auditors’ Conversation Starters Can Influence”

Pritha Dutta “Blood Supply Chain Networks in Healthcare: Game Theory Models and Numerical Case Studies

Recent Graduate Job Placement

Amirhossein Alamdar Yazdi (September 2018) - Assistant Professor at Adelphi University in New York.

Mohammad Reihaneh (September 2018) Assistant Professor at the IÉSEG School of Management in France.

Shivani Shukla (September 2017) Assistant Professor at the University of San Francisco in California.

Jin Sun Ahn (September 2018) Visiting Assistant Professor at Boston University

Yueran Zhuo (September 2018) Clinical Research Coordinator at Massachusetts General Hospital- Institute for Technology Assessment

Shaoling (Katee) Zhang (September 2018) Assistant Professor at University of North Carolina- Willmington

Leah Ndanga (May 2018) Assistant Professor at Westchester University

Seray Ergene (September 2018) Assistant Professor at University of Rhode Island

Chezham Sealy (May 2018)  Assistant Professor at University of Alabama

Jennifer McCallen (May 2018)Assistant Professor at University of Georgia 

Matthew Starliper (May 2018) Assistant Professor at Texas A&M

Kyungyeon (Rachel) Koh (May 2018) Assistant Professor at California State University at Channel Islands

Vincent (Jim) Campasano (May 2018) ) Assistant Professor at Kansas State University               

George Pettinico (May 2018) Assistant Professor at Plymouth State University

Ben Bulmash (September 2017) Tel Aviv University

Jobs Accepted

Ovi Cocieru, University of Scranton

Abdullah Demirel, Dominican University of California

Erim Ergene, Bryant University

Kaeun Kim, University of Scranton

Reza Rajabi, Northern Illinois University

PhD Project Conference


Professor Mangaliso and Howard Jean Denis joined us at the annual PhD project conference in Chicago.  We caught up with alumni and had the opportunity to talk with many prospective students at the tradeshow.

Upcoming Events

Our 50th year celebration of the Isenberg PhD program is happening April 5, 2018. Learn more about the event here.