The Isenberg MBA Fellowship

Your best investment

In today's competitive business world, an MBA is your best investment. Luckily, at Isenberg, this investment won't break the bank.

If you're selected as a Full-time MBA student at Isenberg, we'll award you a two-year Isenberg MBA Fellowship that fully funds your degree. The Fellowship includes full-tuition, an annual stipend and health care. In return, MBA Fellows get valuable hands on experience and marketable skills while working on real business problems and strategic initiatives for the school. Find out what we look for in applicants for this unique fellowship program.


Our Fellows

Our MBA Fellows bring bold ideas to the table, are resilient leaders and effective team players, and inspire connection, creativity and collaboration among the Isenberg community. MBA Fellows are not ordinary graduate assistants; they leverage their individual strengths to gain experiential, real world work experience through the program.


Mutual investment

We see our selective Isenberg MBA Fellowship Program as a unique educational model, providing mutual investment and a win-win outcome.

You get:

  • Full-tuition support, a stipend, and health care benefits
  • Valuable professional experience in a collaborative, experiential environment solving real-world problems
  • Access to Isenberg's robust and influential network of alumni and faculty

Isenberg gets:


  • Enterprising, knowledgeable and experienced MBA Fellows tackling some strategic initiatives
  • A continued reputation as a cutting-edge institution thanks in part to MBA Fellows' contributions
  • A growing network of engaged, influential and successful alumni supporting the Isenberg community


Ahead of the pack

Isenberg MBA Fellows graduate ahead of the pack-debt free, and with a world-class education and game-changing work experience. MBA Fellow are prepared to immediately make a career change, move up the ladder or start a business.

Join the Isenberg MBA Fellowship program

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