Sport Management Opportunities at Isenberg Explained

February 28, 2012

Lisa MasteralexisLisa Masteralexis

Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management Chair Lisa Pike Masteralexis is featured in a special BusinessWest article on regional college programs and career opportunities in the sport management industry. "Our students," observed Masteralexis, "can go work anywhere in the industry, combining business and sports. We focus on spectator sports - imagine anything someone goes to see, then all of the support industries around that."  She goes on to speak about the competitive nature of these types of positions and how the Isenberg alumni network within McCormack is helpful when placing students in internships that can go on to shape their careers. "We have alumni who really support our program by supporting internships, special projects, experiential learning ... they really support our students in a mentoring capacity," she explained.

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