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Student Life Community Service Project

The Isenberg School of Management is committed to developing a strong sense of community within its student population. There are many activities and events that involve students in the life of the School throughout their academic careers (as well as before they arrive and after they leave) in productive and engaging ways.

There are numerous Pre-Freshman activities, including a summer program for high school students of color, called C.A.M.P. (Careers in Accounting and Management Professions); a large and extensive Spring Open House for accepted Isenberg students; summer orientation activities; a Freshman Service Project.

Community-wide opportunities include: the Undergraduate Leadership Council (ULead), which sponsors activities ranging from social events to community service; over thirty student clubs associated with the Isenberg School; service learning activities; peer counseling/mentor programs; parents' newsletter; advising accessibility; honors program activities; graduation celebration.

Our central Atrium offers an open space that students use to gather and socialize or as a study area. Periodic receptions for students, faculty, recruiting employers, and invited speakers are held throughout the year. Breakout rooms invite students to work together in groups with faculty and peers. There isn't a day that goes by without activity in the Isenberg School!

With over 18,000 undergraduate students at UMass there are a multitude of activities going on every day.
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