Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
On Campus Transfer Information

The BBA degree includes the following majors:
Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Operations and Information Management.

Admission is competitive and requirements vary depending on the level of demand and credentials of each applicant pool.  Students with both an overall UMA GPA and predictor course GPA of at least 3.5 are invited to apply. Applicants with an overall UMA GPA between 3.4/3.5 may be considered for admission if their predictor GPA is at least a 3.6.  A qualified candidate should aim for a combined minimum of 7.1 (including UMA GPA and predictor GPA).  An applicant with a 4.0 predictor GPA and a 3.1 UMA GPA may not be admissible even though they have a 7.1.

Applicants are evaluated primarily on three different dimensions:

    1. Academic performance in a core set of predictor courses.
    2. Overall college academic performance.
    3. Personal achievement and demonstrated leadership ability.

    Want to know more?

    BBA On Campus Transfer Information (pdf)


    The BBA On Campus Transfer Information (pdf) at the link above provides the essential information regarding requirements and procedures.


    Information sessions are offered throughout the semester which describe the Isenberg School and the procedures for applying to the BBA degree as an on campus transfer.  Date, time, and location information for these meetings is posted on the right of this page.


    The BBA Application Deadline is May 1st at 5:00pm.

                                  BBA Application




    Questions should be directed to:

    Isenberg Undergraduate Programs Office

    Isenberg 206

    (413) 545-5610