Isenberg Fellows RAP Fellows at 2013 Relay for LifeFellows at 2013 Relay for Life


The Isenberg Fellows RAP is a first-year residential academic program divided into two areas; Business Leadership in Society, and Global Business Leadership. Choosing to be a Fellow will give you an opportunity to explore current business issues with a small group of students who all live in the same residence hall. Business Leadership in Society Fellows will look at the impact of businesses in the community, with an emphasis on ethics and community service.  Global Business Leadership Fellows will examine global issues, diversity, and the opportunities presented by the growing field of international business. 

All Isenberg Fellows will receive the following benefits:

  • Faculty Mentor
    As an Isenberg Fellow you will have the unique opportunity to develop a close relationship with an Isenberg professor. You will attend a one-credit seminar taught by the faculty member, and through this connection you will receive additional support with your transition to UMass while helping you to realize exciting possibilities in your field.


  • Focused Activities
    In addition to teaching a seminar, each Faculty Mentor will facilitate activities that give you a chance to take your learning out of the classroom and apply it to opportunities in your field.  These activities will connect you with UMass, the surrounding area, and Isenberg alumni so that you can take advantage of the benefits of being an Isenberg student from your very first day at college.


  • Shared Courses
    Through the program you will take several courses in your residence hall. These shared courses create the environment and support of a small school while you continue to benefit from the range of resources and options that only a large university can offer.


  • Immediate Connection to the Isenberg School of Management
    As a member of this close-knit group of Fellows, you will receive personalized and dedicated attention.  You will have academic advising in your residence hall. You will also be able to participate in activities over the summer so that you can get a head start meeting your fellow students and getting to know UMass.

Want to be an Isenberg Fellow? 

Complete the Isenberg Fellows application once you have committed to the University of Massachusetts Amherst and have sent in your enrollment deposit.  The application deadline was May 5, 2014 at 5:00PM.  You will receive the decision via email by the end of May. 




Questions?  Contact the Isenberg Undergraduate Office at 413-545-5610 or