Isenberg Honors RAP

Interested in living with other Isenberg honors students while taking a couple of honors courses together?

Then you should consider joining the Isenberg Honors RAP!  This opportunity is a fantastic way to live, learn and play with your Isenberg peers.  The classes you will enroll in are both required honors and Isenberg courses.  And you will still have room in your schedule to take other classes of interest to you!


Other benefits of joining the Isenberg Honors RAP:

  • A year long seminar 


  • A distinguished speaker series featuring Isenberg professors


  • Programming events with upper class Isenberg honors students involved in the Isenberg Honors Council



Who can participate in the Isenberg Honors RAP?

Students who have been admitted as first year Isenberg and Commonwealth Honors College students.  This includes students admitted as Sport Management, and Hospitality & Tourism Management majors as well as those interested in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management, and Operations & Information Management.


What is the Isenberg Honors Council?

IHC is an Isenberg student organization that invites members that are enrolled in both Commonwealth Honors College and the Isenberg School of Management.  Students enrolled in the Isenberg Honors RAP will have the opportunity to participate in the programming events that will familiarize them with a variety of business industries and provide them with the opportunity acquire important skills needed in the corporate world. 

For more information about Isenberg Honors Council. Please contact the board members at or visit 


Interested in the Isenberg Honors RAP?

Visit the UMass Amherst RAP website for information about registering for the Isenberg Honors RAP.  You can reserve a spot in this RAP beginning Sunday, May 18, 2014 (12 noon EST).  Please note that space in the Isenberg Honors RAP is limited and will fill quickly so your timely reservation on May 18 is essential!  If you are interested in participating in the Isenberg Honors RAP, please follow the steps for joining a RAP (excludes Isenberg Fellows RAP process).  You will confirm participation by enrolling in the associated courses at New Student Orientation this summer.



Contact the Isenberg Undergraduate Office 413-545-5610 or