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Ernst & Young Partners in Education Program2008-09 Isenberg E&Y Partners in Education2008-09 Isenberg E&Y Partners in Education


The Ernst & Young Partners in Education Program is an exciting initiative at the Isenberg School to continue promoting diversity in business professions.  The initiative is a residential program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst that affords first year students interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree the opportunity to work closely with the Isenberg School to gain entry to the program.  Student participants will be guaranteed admission to the Isenberg School BBA program upon successfully meeting specific requirements by the start of their sophomore year.

Eligible Students

Students considered for participation in the program must have applied to the Isenberg School.  Eligible students have a strong academic record and are selected by the Isenberg School for participation.  Any student who meets the requirements will be considered and contacted by the Isenberg Undergraduate Programs Office.

Academic Curriculum

In the first year, students will take the Isenberg School and the University general education requirements.  A typical freshman schedule includes:

First Semester Courses

• Economics 104                                               
• Math 104                                                        
• College Writing                                              
• AL or AT or I Gen-Ed Course                          
• SB Gen-Ed Course                                          
• SCH-MGMT 191A "Corporate Seminar

Second Semester Courses

• Economics 103 or Res-Econ 102
• Math 127
• AL Gen-Ed Course
• BS or PS or SI Gen- Ed Course
• Non-Business Elective Course
• SCH-MGMT 192A "Corporate Seminar"

Mentoring Program

Participants of the Ernst & Young Partners in Education Program will receive assistance and advice from professional and student mentors.  A professional from Ernst & Young, LLP will meet once per semester with the participants.  Also, students will meet twice per month with a student mentor throughout their freshman year.

Corporate Visits

Students will participate in corporate visits to the Ernst & Young offices in Boston, Hartford, and New York City.   Through these visits students will learn about the various professions available at a large public accounting firm as well as how the firm works with its clients.


For additional information contact:
Melvin Rodriguez

Assistant Dean for Students, Advising and Diversity

Phone: (413) 545-5610
Email: melvin@isenberg.umass.edu
Office: Isenberg 206