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How to Print to the Isenberg Computer Lab Printers

In response to your requests, we've rolled out a system that will allow you to print to the Isenberg computer lab printers from your personal computer or mobile device. To have your documents sent to the Isenberg lab printers, email them as attachments to print@isenberg.umass.edu.

The system is capable of accepting the following file formats:

  • PDF: .pdf
  • Word Processing: .doc|.dot|.docx|.rtf
  • Presentation: .ppt|.pptx|.pptm|.pot|.pps|.potx|.ppsx
  • Visio: .vsd|.vss|.vst|.vdx|.vsx|.vtx|.vdw
  • Images: .jpg|.jpeg|.png|.bmp|.gif
  • mail/Text: .txt|.mht|.eml
  • Other: .odt|.ods|.odp

In order for the system to process your documents, the email must be from your official UMass email address. If you have any questions or need assistance, please see any Isenberg lab TA. 

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You can now check which labs are open and available by going to https://www.isenberg.umass.edu/labs