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UMASSM: University of Massachusetts Association of Student Sport Managers

The University of Massachusetts Association of Student Sport Managers is student run sport management organization that is dedicated to helping students excel through experiential learning. The goal of UMASSM is help students achieve success and gain valuable experience that will help them in their internships and careers. We strive to provide a wide array of different experiential learning opportunities.


One of our major events is the Mullins Center Fall Face Off this is an annual ice hockey tournament that is being held at the Mullins Center.  This event is designed to give students major responsibilities. Members will be able to become involved at many different levels. Opportunities for involved in this event include: team recruitment, sponsorship, and tournament operations. This is a student run tournament from the top down.


We also partnered with Ice Stars for Wounded Warriors to create 4 internships.  Students chosen to participate will get hands-on experience with sponsorship, marketing, event management, volunteer management, social media, and much more.


This Winter, we will be hosting our first high school basketball tournament at the Curry Hicks Cage on campus. Students will have many of the same opportunities available in both the Fall Face Off and Ice Stars for Wounded Warriors. 


UMASSM offers several other opportunities, including networking trips to the Boston Celtics, guest speakers from the sport industry, volunteering at regional events like Reach the Beach and Boston Mayor?s Cup, and running the UMass Baseball League (Buenoball). Events are always constantly added, and we always encourage our members to come up with their own ideas.


Website: Facebook or on Twitter @umassm


Email: sportmanagementclub@gmail.com


President: Brody Mankus

Vice President: Mike Cronin

Secretary: Tom Waterman

Treasurer: Tony Dombrowski

Partnership Relations: Dan Decker

Networking Director: Nick Marchiselli

Marketing Chair: Sean Burns

Community Outreach: Mackenzie Gillis

Website Director: Matt Heffler