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Isenberg Marketing Club

As an Isenberg School of Management affiliated student organization, the Isenberg Marketing Club was founded to offer unique networking and professional development opportunities to University of Massachusetts: Amherst students. Despite being an Isenberg School of Management Affiliate, the club is open to all students at the University regardless of their year, major, or enrolled college.

The Isenberg Marketing Club and its members have unparalleled support from the faculty and administration. Through their support our members will find many professional opportunities arise through their involvement. Additionally, the club is an excellent co-curricular activity for our members to begin constructing their resume. We seek to mold our members through our events and initiatives to become more competitive in their internship and job market.

As one of the largest clubs within the Isenberg School of Management student who become involved will take part in an exciting and fast-growing student group.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IsenbergMarketingClub

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/IsenbergMC


Email: isenbergmarketingclub@gmail.com



Isenberg Marketing Club Executive Board 
President:Jackie Zysman
Vice President:Amanda Burke 
Secretary:Mahib Balde 
Head Chair of Community Service:Michael Roulic 
Co-Chair of Community Service:Cassandra Barci
Head Chair of Fundraising:Daniel Dietz 
Co-Chair of Fundraising:Jacqueline Judson 
Head of Public Relations:Stephanie Berenson 
Co-Chair of Public Relations:Jessica Eklund 
Head of AdLab & Technology:Davies DeCesare - Fousek
Head of Football Committee:John Ryan 
Marketing Club Networking Night Event Day Chair:Michael Sullivan 
Marketing Club Networking Night Development Chair:Jack Neil 
Marketing Club Networking Night Registration Chair:Alex Kimball
Executive Photographer:Juliette Sandleitner
ClubMentor:Devyn O'Brien 
Club Mentor:Derek Monson