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JLB: Jewish Leaders in Business

Jewish Leaders in Business (JLB) will initiate, expand, and strengthen a professional business network to assist Jewish students in choosing a career path and finding jobs and internships. This will be accomplished through connecting students with Jewish professionals working in the business world.  JLB will foster this network through encouraging business principles, values, and ethics, while welcoming students of all faiths.

We will bring together business-oriented Jewish students at UMass with successful Jewish professionals through guest lectures, field visits, internships, and mentoring sessions. We hope that these relationships will provide role models in showing students how to maintain a Jewish identity, while being successful in their chosen careers. JLB will strive to bring speakers who are models of both successful business practices and who demonstrate responsibility within the community.


Email: jewishleadersinbusiness@gmail.com


President: Laurie Kamenetsky

Vice President: Miles Gordon
Secretary and Director of Marketing: Amy Maurer

Directors of Community Outreach: Hayley Kats and AJ Frank