Undergraduate Current Students

Investment Club

In Investment Club we engage all of our members to not only learn more about what it means to invest, but also explore their own interests in the field of Finance. The club meetings include informative presentations about a new and relevant topic each week.  Each presentation serves as a knowledge base for the learning objective of each meeting. We have an interactive atmosphere, encouraging members to network, discuss, ask questions, and even give suggestions for future presentations.

The club offers numerous resources to help inform members about finance itself, jobs in finance, stocks, and more. One fun event we hold is our Investopedia Challenge; members are each awarded 100,000 dollars virtual money. Members carefully invest this money in a simulation of the real time market, and whoever receives the largest net gains is awarded a prize. We also host an annual trip, usually to Fidelity in Boston.

President: Nicholas Aveni
Vice President: Oleg Barun
Secretary: Sasha Stedronsky
Treasurer: Patrick Neenan


Board Members:
Nick Vafiades
Trevor Thompson
Sid Pathak
Parth Parikh