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IHC: Isenberg Honors Council

IHC was founded upon four pillars that define our values: Scholarship, Leadership, Volunteering, and Networking. We strive to create an atmosphere that integrates these values into a cohesive experience that will give members the skills that they need to succeed in the corporate world. The general body of our organization is composed of four corresponding committees that actively work on projects. These committees include Fundraising, Community Service, Networking, and Isenberg involvement. Working together we plan various activities and events throughout the year, including our annual Isenberg Dodgeball Tournament.


Website: isenberghonorscouncil.com


Email: somhonors@gmail.com


President: Nicki Ambrose and Corinne Bonder

Vice President: Demo Papadopolos

Secretary: Xiaoling Chen

Treasurer: Xialong Chen

Community Service/Isenberg Involvement Chair: Siobhan Moynihan
Fundraising Chair: Alexander Leslie
Public Relations Chair: Christine Cavallaro
Networking Chair: TBD 


Staff Advisor: Meghan Smith



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