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ADS: Association of Diversity in Sport

The Association of Diversity in Sport (ADS) is an all inclusive student organization promoting diversity of thought in the realm of sports. ADS embraces students of diverse backgrounds seeking to further their professional, academic, social, and personal development.
Our focus on the diversity of thought leads to innovative, community-building events and initiatives. We succeed through the execution of community service and sports-oriented events, providing students with extensive opportunities in leadership and networking.

Website: http://www.adsumass.org/

Email: adsumass@gmail.com

President: Drew Rosen
Vice President: Alex Mercer

Secretary: Marquis Pendleton

Treasurer: Zachary Zaremba

Marketing Director: Brett Scheige
Social Media Director: Cameron Legge
Public Relations Director: Jose Alvarado
Fundraising Coordinator: PJ Stevens
Community Service Director: Stephen Gershlak


Advisor: Stephen Jefferson

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