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Isenberg Operations & Information Club

The Isenberg Operations & Information Club is UMass's premier student-run organization for students interested in becoming supply chain, project management, and information technology professionals. We seek to connect members with the student, alumni, and career development resources needed to succeed in the operations and information technology landscapes. By bringing in professionals, recruiters, and alumni, we expose our members to the width of career opportunities not always visible in the academic classroom.

As an organization, we realize that our members are our greatest assets. Within the club, we make every effort to engage our members in constructive projects that enable them to exercise the technical, analytical, and leadership skills valued in their chosen career paths.

The Operations & Information Club is a student chapter of the larger APICS (The Association for Operations Management) association. APICS is the leading professional association for supply chain and operations management and the premier provider of research, education and certification programs that elevate end-to-end supply chain excellence, innovation and resilience.

For more information, reach out to us on...

Facebook:  facebook.com/Isenberg.OpsInfo

Twitter: @IsenbergOpsInfo

Youtube: youtube.com/IsenbergOpsInfo
Email: Isenberg.OpsInfo@gmail.com

Executive Board:

President: Brian Heacox

Vice President of Membership: Laura Irwin

Vice President of Communications: Abhishek Chandra

Secretary: Cara McInnes

Treasure: Kayla Brady


Committee Chairs:

Alumni Relations Chair: Aaron Cooper

Marketing Chair: Davies DeCesare-Fousek

Community Service & Fundraising Chair: Sydney Smith

Isenberg Consulting Group Chair: Evan Lynch

Events Chair: Riddhi Lankud


Advisor: Dr. Ryan Wright


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