Undergraduate Current Students

Room Requests


To request a classroom space within the Isenberg School of Management, a Room Request Form must be submitted online at least two weeks in advance of the date that is requested.  Other requests may also be submitted, but such requests should prepare for a last-minute confirmation.


Rooms within the Isenberg School of Management cannot be booked for weekend events. 


The Isenberg Undergraduate Programs Office reviews room requests and will contact the requester via email with a confirmation reply within 72 business hours.


The only rooms that are directly controlled by the Undergraduate Programs Office are: the Atrium, Rooms 106, 108, the Undergraduate Conference room and the Breakout rooms.

Rooms 112, 128 and 210 can be reserved through the Isenberg Graduate Programs Office only, and are not available for Undergraduate Organizations (Clubs).


Please note that the Isenberg Undergraduate Office will not be assigning regular student club meetings to either Room 106 or 108 because of the high demand that these two rooms have by students, faculty, and other parties.  Our new policy will be that clubs can only use these rooms if they are bringing a guest speaker (alumni or corporate speaker).  Otherwise, for regular club meetings all clubs will be assigned to a regular classroom regardless of the size of the club.

                                    Check out the executive classroom calendars here