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Isenberg Course Override Request Form


Isenberg School students should be able to enroll in any courses for which they are eligible using the SPIRE course registration system. If you are not an Isenberg School major or do not meet eligibility requirements, you may request a course override.

The BBA Course Override Request Form is for students to request an Isenberg BBA course that they cannot register for on SPIRE.  An explanation box is provided on the form for students to explain why they need the course and why SPIRE is not allowing them to register.

If a student is enrolled in a class and then submits an override request for a different section of the same class, requests will only be accommodated under extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstances could include: 1) student athletes; 2) work conflicts; and/or 3) special accommodations.  Documentation for extenuating circumstances may be required.  Please read the instructions below carefully. 

Isenberg BBA Course Override Request Form Instructions


  • This form is to be used to submit an override request for the following Isenberg School of Management core courses only:

    ACCOUNTG 221, ACCOUNTG 222, FINANCE 301, MANAGMNT 260, MANAGMNT 301, MARKETNG 301, OIM 210, OIM 301, SCH-MGMT 200, SCH-MGMT 310, SCH-MGMT 311, SCH-MGMT 313, SCH-MGMT 315, SCH-MGMT 316, SCH-MGMT 317, SCH-MGMT 390's, and SCH-MGMT 494BI.

     For courses not listed above, students should contact the instructor for permission to override into the course.


  • Students should use this form only if the course prerequisites are met.  For example, you are in the appropriate class (i.e. junior, senior) and you have met all required prerequisites, but SPIRE is failing to recognize your eligibility and is not allowing you to enroll in the course.  Another example is that you transferred a course into UMass Amherst from another school and SPIRE does not recognize the transferred course as the equivalent of a prerequisite required for enrollment.  If you are getting a red "X" when you try to enroll in the course, read the error message SPIRE provides.  Perhaps there are prerequisites you do not meet or you are unable to enroll for a reason unrelated to meeting prerequisites.

  • Before using this form, check the course prerequisites by clicking on the class entry on SPIRE, or get a PDF version of the University course schedule available here.

  • Notification regarding your course override request will NOT be reviewed until late July for Fall semester enrollment and late December for Spring semester enrollment.  During the time frame noted above, all course override requests will be reviewed and prioritized based on class status, class sequence need, major requirements, and other relevant factors.  Once all requests have been reviewed you will receive an email notifying you of the status of your request and whether you will receive an override into the course. 

  • Isenberg BBA Course Override Request Forms are reviewed by the Undergraduate Dean's Office in the Isenberg School of Management.  Form submission is a request that will be considered, and is not guaranteed to be granted. Please note, instructor permission does not guarantee enrollment into a course.


Click here to proceed to the BBA course override form.


Questions regarding the BBA Course Override Request Form should be directed to:

Isenberg Undergraduate Programs Office

Isenberg room 206

(413) 545-5610