Undergraduate Current Students

Late Course Withdrawal Petition

Late Course Withdrawal Petition is for Isenberg students to request to drop a course (non-Isenberg courses included) after the add/drop period.  Before the mid-semester date, these petitions are considered for a "No Record" drop (no grade shows on transcript, course does not show on transcript, GPA is not affected).  After the mid-semester date, petitions are considered for a "W" drop (course shows on transcript with a "W" as the course grade, GPA is not affected).


During the add/drop period, students use SPIRE to drop a course.  After the add/drop period and until the mid-semester date, students can drop a course with a "W" (course withdrawal) by obtaining their instructor's signature on the University's Course Change Request Form.  Course Change Request Forms are available at the Registrar's Office in 209 Whitmore or the Isenberg Undergraduate Programs Office in Isenberg 206.  The signed Form then needs to submitted to the Registrar's Office or Isenberg Undergraduate Programs Office by the mid-semester date.


Late Course Withdrawal Petitions are reviewed by the Undergraduate Dean's Office in the Isenberg School of Management.  Form submission is a request that will be considered, and is not guaranteed to be granted.