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Credit Overload Request Form


The Credit Overload Request Form is for Isenberg students to request an increase in their credit limit for the semester.  In the fall and spring semesters, full-time students who wish to enroll in over 19 credits or part-time students who wish to enroll in over 11 credits, must request a credit overload request.  Enrolling in over 7 credits per summer session or over 4 credits during the winter session also requires students to submit a credit overload request.

The winter session is extremely intensive.  Students should expect at least 40 hours of course work per week, per course.


Credit Overload Request Forms are reviewed by the Undergraduate Dean's Office in the Isenberg School of Management.  Students will receive a decision via email in mid-December for the Spring 2015 semester. Due to University policy we are unable to grant these requests before that time.