• Accounting
    The four major fields of accounting are public, management, government accounting, and internal auditing. Public accountants have their own business or work for public accounting firms. They perform a broad range of accounting, auditing, tax and consulting activities for their clients.

  • Finance
    The Department of Finance offers four undergraduate finance concentrations in the areas of Corporate Finance, Financial Analyst, Risk Management, and Alternative Investments, and graduate finance concentrations in the MBA program and the PhD program.  

  • Hospitality & Tourism Management
    Hospitality & Tourism Management is a multi-disciplinary field of study that prepares students with the expertise, commitment, and skills for management, marketing, and operations positions in the expanding industry of hospitality.
  • Management
    The Management major provides basic knowledge of management in organizations and of organizations in society. Students will also develop the knowledge and skills to carry out management practices. This major is ideal for students contemplating graduate school in the near future, especially in areas such as law or the MBA degree. 
  • Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management
    This course of study consists of three major segments: theoretical perspectives of sociology and history of sport, foundations of business and management, and the application of management theory to the specifics of the sports industry. These areas include sport marketing and public relations, sport law, sport economics, financial and business operations for sport organizations, the management of events, media relations, broadcasting, and collegiate athletics. 
  • Marketing
    The fundamental objective of any firm is to market its products or services profitably. To accomplish this, companies may utilize the services of an in-house marketing or advertising department, or may turn to outside firms.

  • Operations & Information Management
    Operations and Information Management is for problem-solvers who love to learn about how business processes can be better managed and enhanced for greater efficiency.  The department faculty teach the courses that comprise the BBA in Operations & Information Management, courses in our MBA programs and the PhD track in Management Science.
  • Business Communication Program
    The Business Communication Program helps students develop skills in professional writing, critical thinking, public speaking, and international business writing and communication skills.


Note: As of June 30th, 2013 the Resource Economics department has moved to the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.