Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management at Isenberg


Janet Fink  

Professor and PhD Program Coordinator

Telephone: 413-545-7602


Office: Isenberg 236D


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Ph.D., The Ohio State University

M.A., The Ohio State University

B.S., The Ohio State University

Research/Teaching Interests:

Sport consumer behavior, media depictions and marketing of female athletes and women's sport


Selected Publications:

Fink, J. S., Kane, M. J., LaVoi, N. M. (in press).  The freedom to choose.  Elite female athletes' preferred representations within endorsement opportunities.  Journal of Sport Management.

Kane, M. J., LaVoi, N. M., & Fink, J. S. (2013).  Exploring elite female athletes'  interpretations of sport media images: A window into the construction of social   identity and ''selling sex'' in women's sports.  Communication and Sport, 1-30.  DOI: 10.1177/2167479512473585


Fink, J. S. (2013).  Theory development in sport management.  My process and other considerations. Sport Management Review, 16, 17-21.


Fink, J. S. (2012).  Homophobia and the marketing of female athletes and women's sport. Homophobia and the marketing of female athletes and women's sport.  In G. B. Cunningham (Ed.), Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Sport. Center for Sport Management Research and Education:  College Station, TX.


Parker, H. M. & Fink, J. S. (2012). Arrest record or openly gay? The impact of athletes' personal lives on endorser effectiveness. Sport Marketing Quarterly, 21, 70-79.

Fink, J. S., Parker, H. M., Cunningham, G. B., Cuneen, J. C. (2012).  Female athlete endorsers. Determinants of effectiveness.  Sport Management Review, 15, 13-22

Fink, J. S., Burton, L. J., Farrell, A. O., Parker, H. M. (2012).  Playing it out: Female intercollegiate athletes' experiences in revealing their sexual identities. Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes in Education, 6, 83-106.

Farrell, A. O., Fink, J. S., & Fields, S. K. (2011).  Women's sport spectatorship: An exploration of men's influence.  Journal of Sport Management, 25, 190-201.

Fink, J. S., Borland, J. F., Fields, S. K. (2010). Sexist acts in sport: Media reactions and forms of apologia.  International Journal of Sport Communication, 3, 198-215.

Doherty, A., Fink, J. S., Inglis, S., & Pastore, D. (2010).  Understanding a culture of diversity through frameworks of power and change.  Sport Management Review, 13, 368-381.

Fink, J. S., Parker, H. M., Brett, M., & Higgins, J. (2009).  Off-field behavior of athletes and fan identification.  The mitigating effects of team response.  Journal of Sport Management, 23, 142-155

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Trail, G., Fink, J. S., & Anderson, D. F. (2003).  Sport spectator consumption behavior. Sport Marketing Quarterly, 12, 8-17.

Fink, J. S. & Kensicki, L. J. (2002).  An imperceptible difference: Visual and textual constructions of femininity in Sports Illustrated and Sports Illustrated for Women. Mass Communication and Society, 5, 317-339.

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Fink, J. S. & Pastore, D. L. (1999).  Diversity in sport?  Utilizing the business literature to develop a comprehensive framework of diversity dimensions.  Quest, 51, 310-327.


Invited Presentations:

Tucker Center Distinguished Lecture, University of Minnesota, Tucker Center for Research on Girls and Women in Sport.  October 24, 2012.


"Navigating the labyrinth of athletic administration."  Multi-level explanations for the lack of women in leadership positions. Title IX at 40:  Progress and Promise - Equity for All.  SHARP (Sport, Health, and Activity Research and Policy) Center, University of Michigan, May 2012.


"The intersection of LBGT athletes and the media."  Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Sports Conference.  College Station, Texas, April 2012.


"Theory development in sport management".  Past President's Workshop, North American Society of Sport Management Conference.  London, Ontario, Canada, June 2011.


"Celebrating 40 years of progress of girls and women in sport".  The Women's Center, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.  November 9, 2010.

Academic and Professional Activities:

Past-President of North American Society of Sport Management; Associate Editor of Journal of Sport Management, NCAA Scholarly Colloquium Member, Editorial Board Member of Sport Management Review, Sport Marketing Quarterly, Journal of Intercollegiate Sport.

Awards: North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM) Research Fellow, Ohio State University Distinguished Teaching Award.