Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management at Isenberg


Study Abroad

Study abroad expands a student's academic program through enriching exposure to a different culture. Students have the option of studying abroad for a semester or year, depending on their academic plan.  Additionally, Sport Management students have the opportunity to explore international sport issues through concrete experience.


Study abroad is managed through the International Programs Office (IPO).  Students receive comprehensive, professional advising prior to application.  Advising is based on an individual student's academic and personal circumstances and needs.  Since there are thousands of study abroad programs available, assisting UMass Amherst students in choosing appropriate, quality educational opportunities is critical.  Advisors in the IPO are well versed in evaluating the various options available to students at foreign universities and through US and foreign providers.  Advising is performed both in the Education Abroad Advising Center, which is staffed and maintained for the use of all students on campus, and by individual professional advisors.

International Study Options

Sport Management majors have the option of applying for one of the Isenberg School's seven unique short-term International Study Options.  Each of these programs combines class time at UMass Amherst with a study abroad experience led by teams of Isenberg School faculty.